Jun 14, 2011

One sex scandal don't stop no show! Don't get it twisted!

Bishop Eddie Long was in the middle of his sermon when one of his members rushed up to him and gave him a stack of money. I'm serious! She gave him a stack of money in this economy. But then again if that was her 10% then the economy has absolutely no affect on her because sista girl is ballin'.

I guess Creflo Dollar telling those members to get back over to New Birth actually worked because not only did they go back but they also brought their money because everybody started 'making it rain' on the altar.

"Signs, wonders, and miracles. Manifest, manifest, manifest..."

Watch the video below:


1 comment:

  1. Has that woman lost her mind? She certainly has lost her soul. Giving an know child molestor a stack of money. I think it was a set up to get more folks to come down to give Mr. Preacher sucks little boys off more money.