Jun 9, 2011

Sherri Shepherd of 'The View' took time to express her frustrations with Bishop Eddie Long and predators that she feel takes advantage of single moms. She expressed what a lot of people feel as far as why a man of God would settle out of court when he had once proclaimed his innocence.

Now, while Sherri was blasting Eddie, his buddy and fellow pastor Creflo Dollar was offering him support and demanding that the New Birth members who had fled during the scandal return and support their pastor.



  1. The words single and mom are not synonomous with stupid. Why do we have to make everything about being a single mother.

  2. Dear Sherri
    First of all, you don't belong to our church. I don't presume to speak for him, but when Bishop said that at the beginning of last summer. It has been a year and if this had gone to trial it could have taken 2 years or more. Just like those young men stole from him his laptop, his Ipad, his cell phone & some jewelry & returned it in 3 days, why? If you did not see, not 1 of those young men's mothers come forth just as you just did. Doesn't that make you go hhhhmmmmmmmmm? Not only that, Bishop spoke against homosexual often and to me this was a way to shut him up. Also, the young men said he isn't a pedophile. So with that being said, how much suffering did you plan on us taking? He decided it was enough, after it had been a long year. I'm sorry you were disappointed, but it's not about you. It's about Jesus. He was lied on too & didn't say a mumbling word & neither did Bishop during the mediations.

    Love you! Your sister in Christ Jesus.

  3. Where it begin????

    When men of the cloth and politicians get on a soap box about homosexuals, they are usually ones themselves. It always end like this, ALWAYS (just do an internet such on gay scandals). Your bishop is not the 1st and won't be the last. Nobody did this to him to "shut him up".... get serious. He is a gay DL man.. you have heard of them haven't you?
    And the stuff the young men "stole" was the stuff he took back after he was thru using them (to give to the next set on men). Men do this all the time (straight and gay) for their tricks on the side.
    That is why he(your Bishop) didn't want to press charges and wanted to sweep it under the rug. If he would have just given them back that little junk he wouldn't be in this mess today. Bottom line those little boys are jilted lovers, their 1st love, that was thrown away. We all been in that position one time or another in ours life's (if not, then keep living, you will).

    There is not one straight man on EARTH with a team of lawyers and thousands of people throwing money at him (I said him, not the church) would settle. I don't care if it took 30 years.. He wasn't fighting them the lawyers were. And if you remember, he was ready for mediation from day one (outside of the church). He just didn't want to say "I'm sorry" in public, because he would lose the few blind follows that support and worship him. Not saying you do, but some of your church members do or did....

    The only reason he (or anybody else in a position of power) would settle is because he didn't want all the details to come out in trial for all of it world to know.

    And shame on you for comparing that gay man to Jesus.

    And I love you too, your straight brother in Christ Jesus.