Jun 9, 2011

Okay, I have a bone to pick with you all. Why does it feel like I am the last person to hear about Robert Townsend's series "Diary of a Single Mom"? Granted I am The Savvy Sista and I'm supposed to be informing you all, but you do realize that the information sharing highway goes both ways. There are going to be some things I just don't know about and I'm going to need my readers to hip me to the fact. This show is one of those things I didn't know about.

It's currently on it's third season and I'm just finding out about it. I'm so heart broken. For so long we have complained about the lack of quality programming for us on television, but here is a wonderful series that we are completely missing out on. Hat tip to one of my wonderful listeners of my radio show, Kandee MusicLvr, for hipping me to this show.

Diary of a Single Mom is a web based original series that chronicles the lives and challenges of three single mothers and their families trying to get ahead despite obstacles that all single mothers face, such as childcare, healthcare, education and finances. The series is produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Robert Townsend, renowned for such films as Hollywood Shuffle and Meteor Man and written by award-winning playwright and screenwriter Cheryl L. West.

Diary of a Single Mom stars Monica Calhoun (The Best Man) as Ocean Jackson, a single mother of two striving to keep her family afloat while working to fulfill her own ambitions of finishing her GED, going to college and opening her own business. Along her journey, she befriends and joins forces with two other single moms, Lupe (Valery Ortiz – The N’s “South of Nowhere”), a mother juggling different fathers for each of her two children while facing health concerns that will change her life and Peggy (Janice Lynde – “Letters to Dad”), a once married, wealthy 50-something who suddenly finds herself widowed, broke and guardian to her only grandchild. Together, the three women search for support and faith as they strive to triumph over the challenges of everyday life.

A One Economy Corporation presentation in association with V-Studio and Townsend Entertainment Production. Diary of a Single Mom. Monica Calhoun, Valery Ortiz, Janice Lynde, Richard Roundtree, Leon and Billy Dee Williams. Casting by Eileen Mack Knight, C.S.A. Music by Stephen James Taylor. Costume Designer, Nicole Beckett. Edited by Robert Pergament. Production Designer, William Costonzo. Director of Photography, John Njaga Demps. Executive Producers Rey Ramsey, Robert Townsend. Produced by Messiah Jacobs. Written by Cheryl L. West. Directed by Robert Townsend. A PIC.tv Release.

Diary of a Single Mom: Season 1 debuted on PIC.tv in 2009. The series is the winner of awards for Best Indie Soap and Best Guest Actor from the Indie Soap Awards 2009.


  1. You definitely been sleeping. I can't wait for the new season.

  2. OK, don't be mad! I didn't know about this series and I'm so thankful to you for your savvy, Sista!

    Here's one for you. This may make you feel better. Have you heard of MukamiTV on the internet! She's a phenomenal interviewer and her focus is phenomenal women! And she's just starting!

    The internet is the place for quality TV these days!