Jul 12, 2011

Can someone please tell me why these people are insisting on doing a 'Sparkle' remake?  What is it going to take to get Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil to just leave this one alone?  This is my all-time favorite movie and I just don't want it touch.
Recently, there was news that came out of the African American Film Festival that Paula Patton may possibly have a role in the remake of 'Sparkle' and you can just imagine how my stomach churn.  I have absolutely nothing against Paula Patton, I just don't want anyone touching a classic.  I mean seriously, can you name one actress out there who can play the role of Sista better than Lonette McKee?  Lonette was Sista and will always be Sista in my eyes.  I just don't understand why people in Hollywood can't just come up with some original material.  Next they'll be trying to remake 'Cooley High' or 'Sister, Sister'.
And for those of you who may not be familiar with 'Sparkle', I suggest you go buy the DVD.  It is definitely worth it.


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