Jul 11, 2011

We here at The Savvy Sista website has such a deep affinity for one Ms. Oprah Winfrey that we decided to take it upon ourselves to come up with a blog series in which we will be pitching our own show ideas for shows we would like to see on OWN.  These ideas absolutely were not solicited by Ms. Winfrey or anyone associated with OWN, but as dedicated viewers we felt the need to take it upon our shoulders to try and ensure the success of OWN.  We completely love and support the idea of OWN, but we also realize that it has faced a few stumbling blocks along the way.  Trust me, we don't presume that we can run Ms. Winfrey's network better than she can, we just want to impart ideas on shows that we as viewers would like to see.  So over the next few weeks we will be throwing out different concepts for shows.  We would like your input on the show ideas and maybe, just maybe some of this stuff will find it's way to Gayle and she could share some of the ideas with the Mighty 'O'.
Here's our first show idea:
Master Class Redux:  I absolutely loved the idea of Oprah Winfrey Presents Master Class.  Of all the shows on OWN, I found it to be the most compelling.  I just thought the concept could be revamped a little.  Instead of having a person sitting alone with just a camera, maybe it should be a little more interactive like in an actual classroom.  I realize it may have been meant for the viewing audience to be the students, but I think having an actual classroom setting may be just as effective especially for the teacher.  It could be something similiar to Inside the Actors Studio w/ James Lipton.  Oprah could serve as the host or she could present some new found talent to serve as the host.
We have compiled a list of personalities we would love to see on the show.  Here's the list in no particular order:
Nelson Mandela
Judith Jamison
Bill Cosby
Bill Gates
Warren Buffett
Desmond TuTu
Bishop Vashti Murphy Mackenzie
Dalai Lama
Cicely Tyson
Colin Powell
Bill Clinton
Jimmy Carter
George W. Bush (yes we're serious)
Karl Rove (Yes we're really serious) 
Queen Latifah
Ice Cube
Toni Morrison
Danielle Steele
J.K. Rowling
Ben Carson
John Lewis
Mae Jemison
Whitney Houston
Janet Jackson
Angelina Jolie
Naomi Campbell
Susan L. Taylor
Linda Johnson Rice
Madeleine Albright
Whoopi Goldberg
Angela Bassett
Steve Jobs
Roger Ebert
Gladys Knight
Dr. Johnetta Cole
Ursula Burns
Dick Parsons
Berry Gordy
Diana Ross
Suzanne de Passe
Matthew Knowles
bell hooks
Angela Davis
And the list could go on and on....
So please tell us what you think about the idea of the blog series. 

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  1. I would add to the list
    Alice Walker
    Winnie Mandela
    African American women serving in Iraq