Jul 19, 2011


Police said a 17-year-old boy killed his parents in their Port St. Lucie home and then hid their bodies in a bedroom while he hosted a house party.

Tyler Hadley has been arrested on two counts of first-degree murder in the death of his parents, Blake and Mary Jo Hadley.

Port St. Lucie police spokesman Tom Nichols said they received an anonymous tip that a teenager who lived at the house on Granduer Avenue had killed his parents and left their bodies inside.

When officers conducted a welfare check at the house early Sunday morning, they found the bodies on the floor inside the locked master bedroom, Nichols said.

Nichols said books, towels and other household items that were piled on top of the bodies was a "deliberate attempt to conceal the bodies inside the room."

Police said the high school dropout sent a Facebook invitation to friends about a party at his house Saturday night. Police said 40 to 60 teens attended the party, which lasted into the early-morning hours Sunday.

Capt. Don Kryak said the party started several hours after the parents had been killed.

Police said a hammer that the teen used to beat his parents to death was found lying between the bodies. Nichols said they believe the mother was killed first, followed by the father.

"It was a merciless killing," Kryak said of the crime scene.

Kryak said the teen initially told officers conducting the welfare check that his parents were out of town.

A motive for the killings wasn't known.



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