Aug 17, 2011

David Starkey, a prominent British historian, says that what is at the heart of the rioting is 'Black culture' that has taken over England. I'm serious, I can't make this stuff you.
Here is what Starkey said:

“A substantial section of the chavs have become black. The whites have become black. A particular sort of violent, destructive, nihilistic gangster culture has become the fashion.

“Black and white, boy and girl operate in this language together. This language which is wholly false, which is a Jamaican patois, that’s been intruded in England and this is why so many of us have this sense of literally a foreign country.”

Here is what Clutch said about his statements:

Many have condemned Starkey’s comments, labeling them racist and irresponsible. CNN’s Piers Morgan tweeted, “RIP David Starkey’s TV career. And good riddance. Racist idiot,” and respected BBC journalist Robert Peston commented, “David Starkey’s nasty ignorance is best ignored not worthy of comment or debate”

Since making the controversial comments, Starkey has tried to clean up his statements, saying they had little to do with skin color, and everything to do with culture.

He told the Daily Mail: “I said until I was blue in the face on the programme that I was not talking about skin colour but gang culture. A large group of whites have started to behave like blacks. I think that is the most unracial remark anyone can make.”

Although the London riots were devastating, many hope that they will finally force the UK to openly discuss race and class disparities in the country. Because comments like Starkey’s tell us nothing else, an open and honest conversation is needed if Britain will move forward and heal from this tragedy.

We always complain about the racism in this country and how European countries are more tolerant, but with the London Riots we see that is not the case. Racism and bigotry are just as rampant in Europe as it is in America, but at least America is a place that could elect a black man President inspite of our past. America has it's problems with race, but so does the rest of the world. We tend to forget that Europe is the father of colonialism and America is her daughter.


It always amazes me when some people talk about black culture they only focus on negative. They brought up the influence of black culture on music and the first thing out of Starkey's mouth is rap. It amazes me how people seem to forget or chooses to forget that black people are the creators of Jazz, Blues, Rock 'n Roll, Rhythm and Blues, and almost any other popular musical form you can come up with.

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  1. Clearly he just does not have a clue. Whites behaving like blacks is the most unracial statement anyone can make?? Wow!! To equate gang culture with black culture. How is that not a racist statement?? Just like saying speaking proper English is sounding white... I'll say that some people are just sincerely clueless but when corrected will not make the same mistake. He doesn't appear to be an example of that.

    I remember reading an article while in Europe stating that the USA is actually a leader in race relations. That statement was pretty telling because I know things are far from perfect here. Made me shudder to think what it's really like elsewhere.