Aug 29, 2011

The FBI has joined the search in returning Javaris Crittenton, former NBA player and Georgia Tech standout, to Atlanta for the murder of 22 year old Julian Jones.  Jones, who was a mother of four, was killed a week ago in a drive-by shooting in Atlanta.  Crittenton is believed to be in Los Angeles.
Jones' family spoke about the naming of a suspect in her death:
"We didn't only lose a mother, a friend, or a daughter, or a fiancé, we lost a loved one who was really special to us in our hearts," June Woods, Jones' mother, said.
Investigators believe that Crittenton was aiming for someone else that was with Jones, but ended up killing her instead.  This entire incident is said to have stem from a robbery that had taken place earlier in the year.  Crittenton was the one that was robbed.
"If you're a star player like that, you have enough money to, even if he was robbed, even if that was the case, he had enough money to replace it. You can never put a price on her life," Harel Butler, Jones' fiancé, said.
Crittenton is a former Georgia Tech standout who went on to the NBA and played for the Washington Wizards.  He made headlines when he got into an altercation with Gilbert Arenas and Arenas pulled a gun out on him.  Because he had a gun in his lock, which is strictly prohibited, he along with Arenas were both suspended.


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