Aug 26, 2011


And so many people are wondering why people don't go to church anymore.  I can look at this from two different angles:

1) If there was an agreement made then it should be carried out to the terms that both parties agreed upon.  The man did the work and he should be compensated for it.

But on other hand 

2) Now you have to compensate ministers for doing the right thing.  Can you image if Dr. King was only willing to get involved in fighting injustice if he was somehow going to be compensated?  What happened to Ms. Kathryn Johnston was unjust and the minister should have felt compelled to see that the right thing happened in this case.  But maybe that's just me. 


Atlanta (AJC) - An Atlanta minister who was a spokesman for the family of Kathryn Johnston, the 92-year-old woman killed by police in a botched drug raid, is suing the estate for nearly $500,000.

The Rev. Markel Hutchins said there was a verbal agreement that he would get 10 percent of the $4.9 million awarded by the city to the estate, represented by Johnston's niece, Sarah Dozier.

Under the structure of the 2010 settlement,  the estate got $3 million immediately and will get another $1.9 million in fiscal year 2012.

"I served as the family and Estate's spokesperson, strategist, advisor and consultant with a clear understanding of how I would be compensated," Hutchins said in a statement Thursday night. "My staff and I holistically managed the public and private efforts that made the significant settlement possible and yielded Mrs. Johnston's heirs millions of dollars. I literally risked my own safety and security to advance the cause of the Estate of Kathryn Johnston and expended considerable resources of my own with no reimbursement or remuneration to date."

Neither Dozier nor her attorney commented to the Associated Press Thursday.

Johnston was killed in November 2006 when a police drug unit tried to execute a "no-knock" warrant on her home using information from an informant. Johnston got a gun and fired a shot when officers kicked in her door. Police shot back and killed her. When no drugs were found in her home, officers planted evidence that had been recovered from another raid, investigations revealed.

Four officers were sentenced to federal prison for conspiring to violate Johnston's civil rights.


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