Aug 14, 2011

The following quote is a rather lengthy one, but Ivory J. Johnson in his commentary, Why President Obama has more bite than bark, sums up my thinking of the progressives in this country quite neatly.

Here is what he wrote:

The Democrats have repeatedly acquiesced on GOP initiatives, from the war in Iraq to the Patriot Act, from No Child Left Behind to Welfare Reform, only to label President Obama as spineless. It strikes as odd, if not altogether treacherous, that after years of caving in to one conservative demand after another, President Obama's own party would accuse him of lacking the intestinal fortitude to fight for the middle class.

Lost in the senseless examination of President Obama's manhood is the inconvenient fact that not since the Great Society legislation of the 1960's has any Congress passed more laws affecting more Americans than in Obama's first two years of office, that while steely eyed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to pass health-care reforms in the early 1990s, the current president got it done.

The merits of the GOP's policies are not on trial; they could very well be the elixir of working class woes. To pretend, however, that the Republican and the Democratic parties have different objectives, or that their representatives maintain opposing interests, is inconsistent with their respective voting records on important pieces of legislation. By all accounts, the Democrats abetted many of the GOP policies with a familiar process described by Malcolm X as "sticking a knife in a man's back nine inches, pulling it out six inches and calling it progress".

The debt ceiling debate was a false argument, meant to distract the American public from a two party political system, who like the right and the left hand, serve the exact same purpose, albeit from a slightly different angle. Progressives would be wise to ignore their political soothsayers and recognize that everyone has a hustle, time seldom keeps secrets and the mainstream Democrats sold them out a long time ago.

And let the church say, 'Amen, amen, and amen again!'


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