Aug 12, 2011

Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West took their 'Poverty Tour' and criticisms of President Obama to C-Span. The duo took calls and even brought up a point about this President being the only one in Tavis Smiley's professional career to never invite him to the White House.

Here is what Tavis said about that:

“Prior to his being elected, he came on my radio programs and TV programs with regularity,” Smiley said. “Once he got elected and my critique of him — about holding him accountable to various things didn’t sit so well with him or the people around him — he has not, at this point, come on my TV or radio programs one time since he’s been in this White House.”

The PBS TV and radio talk show host went on to say that Obama, whom he’s known for years: “is the first president in my professional career that hasn’t invited me to the White House.” [This is at the 40:51 minute mark]source

I can just imagine the steam coming out of some of your ears when you heard that. I'm sure Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner will definitely have something to say.

Watch the full video below and tell me what you think:


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