Aug 18, 2011

Since people are insisting on remaking my all-time favorite movie, then I don't understand why they don't completely remake it.  Listen, there is no other person I will ever see in the role of Sister besides Lonette McKee.  Honey, she owns Sister and there is nothing that is ever going to change that for me.  So, why not get someone the complete opposite of Lonette to play the role of Sister in the remake.
Recently, a casting call went out for the remake of Sparkle and here is what it said:

- 28, light-skinned African American with naturally wavy hair, beautiful, sexy, and sassy, with a body like a brick house and a powerful, seductive stage presence; It'd be great if the actress can sing, but it's not a requirement.

Now, maybe it's just me, but this description sounds exactly like the description of Sister from the original film.  I guess in 2011 "the most beautiful girl in Harlem" can't be a dark skinned African American woman with coarse hair.  It amazes me that we are always complaining about stereotypes and typecasts, but yet we are some of the biggest perpetrators of the practices.  Now granted, the casting call doesn't say this particular role is for Sister, but let's be serious.
I would love to see a dark-skinned woman cast in the role of Sister.  It would gave a fresh take on the role and maybe even make the film something I'm willing to see (since I've already made it up in my mind that I'll be boycotting it because I'm such a fan of the original).  If you are going to do a remake, then why not have a fresh take on things.  There are plenty of dark-skinned women that are beautiful, sexy, and sassy, with a body like a brick house.  I think they should be given a chance to be viewed as beautiful on film.  How can we expect Hollywood to stop its stereotypes of us if we are not willing to stop them ourselves?  Just do a casting call and let all shades and hues of the Diaspora participate and may the best actress win.
I'm not trying to be negative, but you know I be thinking...


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