Sep 1, 2011

Minorities Population Growth
I am really becoming cynical in my old age.  I just can't take anything at face value anymore in this country and this recent study released by the Brookings Institute is one of those things.  In their study of the latest census data, the Brookings Institute has discovered that people of color like to live metropolitian areas.  They like these areas so much that they're even deciding to have their children there.  I know.  Go figure.
Listen, it's really not the findings that I'm having a problem with.  It's how the media is spinning the findings that's giving me a problem.  The media is spinning this report in a manner that would have people (white people) believe they are on the verge of becoming a miniority if they are not careful.  The United States is slowly but surely becoming a minority-majority country.  It is headlines let these that are bringing forth factions like the Tea-Party in my opinion.  What do you think people really mean when they say they want to 'take back their country'?  I mean seriously.  Why do you think immigration reform is such a hot button issue?  White people (not all, but some) are scared they're losing their country and studies like these solidify that even though whites remain an overwhelming majority in this country.
'Majority-Minority' Metro Areas on the Rise


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