Sep 16, 2011

While I have to admit I love the direction Ebony is going with their covers, I have to say that something about Mary's face on this cover is not sitting well with me.  I think they photoshopped her face all wrong.  It may just be me, but something in the eye area is just weird.  Regardless of all that, Mary still looks fabulous and I'm really digging how Ebony has stepped their game up.  I even renewed my subcription.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like she's got a slightly cross eyed come hither look going on. Or she looks slightly intoxicated or her eyes are just about to roll up in her head, or she's just about the pass out.

    I agree that something is DEFINITELY wrong with her eyes in this pic.

    Ooooo SNAP! I read the little blurb: "Demons? Fought!" She looks possessed!! They knew what they were doing with this picture. It's that illuminati stuff that Will Smith and family and Rihanna and all them are on. It's subconscious mental manipulations.