Sep 30, 2011

I realize I never covered the UC Berkeley Affirmative Action Bake Sale on this site. My reasoning for that was because I didn't want to give those people the attention they obviously craved. But with that being said, I thought the content of this video by Next Media Animation was worth sharing. Although it is very racist in nature, I have to appreciate it for it's honesty. It gives you real insight to how people feel perceive Affirmative Action. More accurately, it gives you insight into how some Whites and some Asians perceive the program.

It always amazes me how people try to give their take on Affirmative Action without actually knowing anything about the program and who it benefits the most, white women. But that is neither here nor there. It's just amazing how as black people we are always perceived as lazy and underachieving. This is the reason why people like me get upset at the depictions of us on television and film. It also served as a reason why I went to an HBCU and damn proud of it. Not that I have anything against my brothers and sisters that do not attend HBCU's, I believe we all have to make the best choice for ourselves. And for me, attending an HBCU was the best option for me. So now,let me get out my checkbook and send them another check because that's what I do. I support my school.


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