Sep 27, 2011

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Weeks ago, we stood by shocked as the NY District Attorney's office asked a court to dismiss criminal charges against the former IMF chief. At the time, the prosecutors claimed that they did not believe they could successfully prosecute Strauss-Kahn because the victim, Nafissatou Diallo had lied to them about things unrelated to the sexual assault claim.

After having her image tarnished in the press, Ms. Diallo stepped forward to explain herself and insisted that she had in fact been assaulted by Mr. Kahn. Since it was obvious that she could expect no relief from the American criminal justice system, she took the only legal alternative and filed a civil suit seeking unspecified damages for the alleged sexual assault.

Now Strauss-Kahn and his civil lawyers have filed a motion to have the entire civil case dismissed--not because they claim he didn't do it although he has said in interviews that the victim just generously offered to perform oral sex on him-- but because he had diplomatic immunity at the time of the incident.

Ms. Diallo's lawyer, however, denies that the diplomatic immunity applies because DSK was in NY on personal business at the time of the alleged attack and he resigned his position as head of IMF before this lawsuit was filed.

Quite frankly, no matter how this matter is decided, Ms. Diallo has already been denied justice. The "problems" of credibility were her own and if she was willing to face a jury and explain her past behavior while maintaining that she was indeed sexually assaulted, then the NY District Attorney's office should have done its job and presented the case to a jury. Victims have to be saints to receive their day in court?

I predict that if the judge finds that DSK's immunity does not apply, this case will settle quickly. In a civil case, Ms. Diallo's lawyer will be able to depose and present as evidence the three other women who claim they were also assaulted by DSK in the past.

On a side note, shouldn't we be concerned that our government has more or less given Foreign Dignitaries the right to rape and pillage our daughters as they see fit?


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