Sep 23, 2011

I know I'm a little late on this one, but you all have to remember that I'm a little out of commission because of work...LOL!

Well, this is definitely one of those things that caught my eye. Tyler Perry, Forbe's Magazine Highest Paid Man in Entertainment, just can't seem to catch a break from all the bashing. First Spike Lee, then scholarly black women, and now Toure is going in.

Toure was not holding back. He even compared Tyler Perry to a drug dealer when it came to his creation of jobs. Damn now even I have to admit that's a little harsh and I'm one of the most vocal critics of Tyler Perry's films.

Oh yeah...Dr. Boyce Watkins was on as well.

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  1. What is it with people and Tyler Perry? The man is trying to put Black films on the map. He's trying to make sure that we have on our little piece in the entertainment world. Why do we have to hate on our own kind when they get successful? A lot of Black people hate on Oprah and call her a 'White people' lover.

    Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with Tyler's movies. They portray characters that I can relate to as well as issues that I can relate to. After what happened with Troy Davis, we as a people have a lot of other issues that we could be making noise about instead of tearing each other down.

  2. I do understand both sides of the argument. Personally I do think that from a filmmaking perspective, his movies are not of the best quality. I think that he has rushed to put out multiple films in a short period of time and it shows. Thus, I do not rush out on opening weekends to see his movies. I do think that in general he has a positive message and he is in fact creating jobs. I can't knock him for his hustle and maximizing his moment.

  3. What truly is SAD, the old ways of getting noticed and ahead are surfacing again. Tear down another Black and in doing so, you will show how superior the "White" way of doing things is BEST!
    The ability to say, (without formally saying) Look at me I have "Assimilated" well. White folks you can trust me I am against whatever you are and I will make it easier for you I will speak for you. Most 'Blacks' know and avoid the "Okie Doke" Yet, Some feel when they are invited in to "White" Circles to maintain membership they deem Priviledge they give what they assume is the right information due to the FACT it was given, & discussed with them by 'Whites'. It sadly holds true for some to feel "IMPORTANT" when they say, "I was the ONLY BLACK invited"! Sadly, these folks should rethink where and who they get their info from. Most people Do NOT tow the line of the White-man' is always right! Stop loving the token position 'Toure' Tavis & Cornel most people do Not like being the "Cort jester" or mouth piece Idiot for "da massa'