Sep 24, 2011

Someone asked me a question one day about why black people seem to be so heavily invested in the marriage of Will and Jada. At first, I honestly did not know how to respond. I know right, The Savvy Sista at a lost for words. Who would have ever thought that day would come...LOL! But seriously, for the record I don't think it's only black people that love Will and Jada. Will is a megastar and not just black people love him. Will and Jada are just as big a couple as Brad and Angelina. Will, for sure, makes a whole lot more money.

Now getting back to the question. I honestly cannot speak for all my brothers and sisters when it comes to our affinity for the dynamic couple, but I can share with you why I love them.

Recently, Will threw an intimate 40th birthday party for his wife. During the party, he had an hourlong tribute video chronicling her entire life. He basically treated it like a Hollywood production and even featured some her childhood friends. This was something he did to show his wife how much he love her despite last months rumors of the demise of their 13 year old marriage.

You see, despite all the rumors and innuendos surrounding their marriage, they geniunely appear to be a normal couple that honestly love each other. They represent the possibility of love and how together we are a more formidable force then we could ever be apart.

Will and Jada are a power couple that supports each other, and although they may have their bumps in the road just like any marriage, somehow they've managed to stay together and keep it moving.

Their marriage has also served as an excellent example of how to blend families by the Jada's acceptance of not only Will's son Trey, but also his ex-wife into the family. How many women you know will be so welcoming to their husband's ex-wife?

Will and Jada are the modern day Ozzie and Ruby Dee and that's why I love them. Sometimes, we just want a happy ending in real life for a change. And to me, Will and Jada represent a real life Happy Ending but with some real world hang-ups.

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