Sep 23, 2011

The popular televison judge, Judge Mathis, took to his show to discuss the 'grave miscarriage of justice' surrounding the execution of Troy Davis. Mathis went on to say that Davis' execution serves as a representation of just how flawed America's legal system has become. He even goes on to say that Troy was failed at every legal step of the judicial process.

Judge Mathis then goes through a list of things that America can do to begin to correct our flawed legal system. He even calls for a national moratorium on the death penalty (something that I am totally for). I applaud Judge Mathis for standing up and talking about this case. Watch the video below to hear his entire statement. Hat tip to LovelyLocks for bringing this to my attention.

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  1. I like Judge Mathis. I think that he really tries to make sure he serves justice in his court room. He doesn't discriminate. And he's always trying to offer advice to those on the wrong path by sharing his story of his troubled youth and how he eventually turned his life around.

    He makes some good points and I hope that we can unite and try to execute some of them.