Oct 25, 2011

Ohio University students are creating waves and making the news with their anti-racism Halloween posters.  The posters entitled, 'We're a Culture. Not a Costume. This is not who I am, and this is not okay."' has definitely gone viral.  I'm pretty sure a lot of us can recall the blackface costumes from last year.  Well these students have decided to take a stand and I am proud of them.
Here's how the campus paper describes the posters and the young lady who started the campaign:
Each one displays a student holding up a picture of a stereotypical Halloween costume based on his or her race — including a terrorist, a geisha and a sombrero-clad Hispanic man on a donkey.
Sarah Williams, a senior studying political science and president of Students Teaching About Racism in Society, first displayed the posters on her Tumblr blog last week.
STARS has been at OU for 25 years. The organization seeks to spark discussion about racism and discrimination among students by creating campaigns every quarter.
The poster campaign began as one of STARS' quarterly events, Williams said. The organization did not expect it to attract so much attention.

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