Oct 10, 2011

Tonight saw the premiere of Oprah's Lifeclass on OWN.  I quite enjoyed it myself.  It made me miss 'The Oprah Winfrey Show'.
The first show was about 'The Power of the False Ego'.  It was very eye opening and everything you would expect from Oprah.  So did you watch it? I would love to know your thoughts. 


  1. Didnt see the first show, but watched tonight. It is ok. Not a fan of her just talking into the camera. Feels to much like a lecture. I would like her to engage in a dialogue with someone. But I will try to tune in to support her show.

  2. I love Oprah but her life class gets to be a little annoying when she keeps repeating herself over and over with her sayings. Really I understand the first time you said it. Kind of wasting my time. It keeps going back to her favorite old shows which she already did at the end of her season. I wish she would go back to interviewing new guest.

  3. I got her journal today in the mail. The BILLIONAIRE Oprah has no shame. She had the journals MADE IN CHINA!!! over ONE MILLION journals ...MADE IN CHINA. (back page reflects this in big bold print). awful.