Oct 13, 2011

I meant to post this earlier, but I got a little busy. 
So last night I took a chance and watched the premiere of BET's much hyped new show 'Reed Between the Lines'.  The show stars television vets Malcolm Jamal-Warner as Dr. Alex Reed and Tracee Ellis Ross as his wife, Dr. Carla Reed.  I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised.  It's not 'god-awful' as I would expect for anything associated with BET.  It was very Cosby-esque, but yet with a twist.  It turns out the family is blended.  So I guess I can say it's a little more 'Are We There Yet' with a sprinkle of 'The Cosby Show' staring Joan from 'Girlfriends' and a mature Theo from 'The Cosby Show.  I think that sums the show up quite nicely. 
The first episode was a little flat, but the second was a vast improvement.  The show definitely has room for growth and I'm pretty sure given the talent involved it will eventually find it's footing.  I mean let's be honest, anything would be an improvement over 'Let's Stay Together'.  So, I do think it's DVR-worthy and thus I have programmed mine.
So, did you watch the show?  What did you think?

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  1. I love it already. I could relate to the first episode where they tried to have intimate moments but kept getting interrupted by the kids. I have two kids under the age of 3 and know all about that.

    I agree that the show will get better as time goes on. I think that we'll see them dealing with more serious issues in regards to having a blended family and raising teenagers and have that trust for your spouse.