Oct 19, 2011

Oh really! So the good people over at FishbowlLA are reporting that FOX is looking to revive the television series 'Soul Food'.

Twentieth Century Fox is looking to revive the TV series Soul Food, a source familiar with the decision tells FishbowlLA.

The original Soul Food ran on Showtime from 2000 to 2004, and was based on the 1997 film of the same name from director George Tillman Jr. The film and TV series centered on the trials and tribulations of an African American family in Chicago that gets hit by the loss of their matriarch.

Now, Fox is looking to revamp the series for a new generation. The project is still in the very early stages of development, but executives at the company are said to be keen on it. It isn’t yet clear whether the new Soul Food would be for the Fox broadcast network, or whether the company would try and sell it to other channels.

I guess you can place me in the minority on this one because I'm really not excited about the idea. Can we not come up with an original idea? I love the series 'Soul Food' just as much as the next person. Hell, the only reason I subscribed to Showtime was so that I could watch the show, but I honestly think the show had run its course. It should be left alone and left to be the classic that it is.

There are enough talented people out there that can come up with an original idea for a drama targeting African Americans. There is no need to rehash shows; besides, what made 'Soul Food' so successful was the fact that it was on cable and the people in charge were given leeway to be creative. Do you think the same thing would happen on network television? I sure don't, but maybe that's just the cynic in me. I guess next I'll have to look forward to a re-boot of 'The Wire'. I mean why stop at 'Soul Food' when there are so many other shows we can tinker with.

Would you be willing to watch a 'Soul Food' re-boot?


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