Oct 11, 2011

Uncle Ruckus...I mean Uncle Herman went on Sean Hannity's show on Fox News and defended his remarks about racism and how it may or may not affect black people. He was adamant that his success was a prime example that racism doesn't hold people back.

Here is what he said:

"I don't have a lot of patience for people who want to blame racism on the fact that some people don't make in America," he said on 'The Sean Hannity Show'.

The GOP candidate claimed that his business and academic achievements were "walking proof " that racial discrimination doesn't hold people back.

His remarks backed up a similar complaint he made on Sunday's 'Face The Nation'.

"I don't believe racism in this country today holds anybody back in a big way," he had said.

1 comment:

  1. I understand the logic behind his modern day step n fetchit routine but what I don't get is how these supposed journalists don't call him out on his inconsistency. One minute he says Blacks have been brainwashed and that President Obama has never had the Black experience but then he says that racism is a non-factor. So if racism is a non-factor then what exactly is this Black experience that he's referring to?? If racism cannot harm then there is no Black experience, there is only the American experience.
    I get it, he has to play to his fan base no matter how hurtful or ignorant his statements may be and I know why the right white like him, he gets away with saying the things they feel like they can only say in hushed tones behind closed doors, what I don't get is what happened to journalistic integrity.... And since they won't ask the hard questions, Savvy I think you should invite him on your show and let us ask him a few