Oct 7, 2011

Before you say it, yes I am obsessed with Herman Cain. Uncle Herman has turned into blog gold for your girl. He provides me with so much material that it's ridiculous.

Well, Uncle Herman went on MSNBC's 'Last Word' with Lawrence O'Donnell and let's just say it made for must-see TV. The topics of discussion range from everything from the Civil Right's Movement, Herman Cain's book, and the Vietnam War. Watch the fireworks below and tell me what you think.

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  1. Well I can appreciate his honesty and the fact that hef does not respond like the typical politician. I can also appreciate the simplicity of his 9-9-9 plan. How it all shakes out in the end as far as solving our nation's financial problems, I do not know. All I know is that our current tax code is too complicated and unfair.

    I am neither democrat nor republican. There is only so much of the msnbc crew that I can take. I thought I would like Laurence better than Keith (wasn't a fan of his). But Laurence is just as annoying too me when he gets on his tirades. The spin he put on his question regarding Cain's involvement in the civil rights movement was unfair to me. At the same time, Herman Cain should be prepared for comments like that. Perhaps "staying out of trouble" was the best thing for him and his family. Not being active does not mean that they agreed with the injustices that were occurring at the time. If he can't give a better response then the other side will be successful at making him appear like he doesn't care about black people.

  2. Why should Mr. Herman Cain be respected or considered to lead our country. When his sexual conduct was respectful to his wife. That's the problem with these clowns with ego's. They think their past is not going to come back, and bit them in the ass. Now! He's in Denial but it's too late because his dirty underwear out there for everyone to see. Poor Mrs. Cain now she has to bear his ego in public as well.
    The man is shameless.

  3. If Mr. Herman Cain can disrespect his wife with his affairs. What would make any one think he has respect for the black civil rights movement. This is all about just Herman Cain, an Old Alpha Dog, and Pig.