Oct 3, 2011

Uncle Herman is not backing down from his assertion that black voters are 'brainwashed' into voting for Democrats. Although I'm still more offended by the question Wolf Blitzer asked, I still cannot disregard ncle Herman's asinine response. A more savvier politician would have known how to deflect such a question, but yet Uncle Herman fell right into the trap of throwing people who look like him under the bus in order to make himself look good. He wants you to support him, but yet he insults you at the same time. Such an interesting dynamic.

This past Sunday he went on 'This Week' with Christiane Amanpour. While there he was pressed about his inflammatory comments. Instead of trying to clarifying his remarks he decided to double down. He basically said that the reason black people don't give Republican ideas a chance is because they don't look at them. Oh really, Uncle Herman. We doth paint with a broad brush don't we. Black voters just can't disagree with the ideas and that is the reason why they don't support it. No that couldn't possibly be the reason. They don't look at them at all. Yes, that has to be reason. Never mind the fact that you will rarely see a Republican actually engaging the black constituency for support. Maybe if the Republican party would reach out they would actually see that people are susceptible to their ideas. But of course they would never do that.

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  1. I have finally figured it out Savvy. I had to look closely and read between the lines because I was so confused at how a seemingly intelligent man could just keep putting his foot in his mouth if he was really hoping to woo Black voters . Then it hit me like a bolt of lightening, the little light bulb window above my head opened up and there littered among the debris, I found the truth.

    He is not talking to us and he has no intention or desire to woo Black voters. See now only the openly racist can support Perry and most respectable conservatives would never ever admit to being openly racist. No, they'd rather believe that most good Negroes don't agree with Republican policies because we have been led astray on the liberal plantation. They refuse to acknowledge that they constantly advance policies that only help the top 1% of the population and that we, as a community, have no incentive to help the haves keep having while the have nots suffer on in silence.

    So Uncle Cain is now a godsend to them. See he represents what Republican policies could do for us good Negroes if we would simply return to the plantation and our rightful place in life. Didn't massa always make sure that his slaves were fed and sheltered??

    Well it's okay Mr. Cain I hear you loud and clear. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. He can now castigate Rick Perry for hanging out at Ni***head but in reality: brainwashed=the new n****