Oct 21, 2011

-Kin of Missing Black Girl Pleads for Attention: The grandmother of an Arizona girl missing for more than a week pleaded Thursday for more attention from police investigators and the national media, saying that the case of her granddaughter's disappearance hasn't been made a priority because she is black.

-Laptops confiscated from New Birth after Fraud scandal: The U.S. Secret Service has confiscated laptop computers from Bishop Eddie Long’s Lithonia megachurch, and the Georgia secretary of state is investigating an investment company and its former chief executive for possible securities violations involving investments sold to Long church members.

-NBA Labor Talks Turn Nasty as Negotiations End: NBA labor talks turned nasty and broke off Thursday when three days of meetings failed to yield a deal to end a 112-day lockout, raising the likelihood that even more games will be canceled in an already fractured season.

-'Occupy' protesters find allies in ranks of the wealthy: The “Occupy Wall Street” protesters — also known as the “99 percent” — have struck a chord with at least a few members of an unexpected audience: America’s rich and privileged.


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