Oct 11, 2011

There is definitely a competition going on for African American televison viewers. Recently, Bounce TV launched which is a lifestyle channel cartering to African American viewers, but now there's talk of another channel being launched. The channel is called KIN TV and it's set to launch late this year or early next year.

(EURWEB) The competition has already begun for new African American owned television network Bounce TV which just opened its doors this past Monday. Another network is about to make its debut soon.

KIN TV, rumored to possibly be backed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor Studios, is expected to launch some time before the year is up, if not then, by the summer of 2012.

Its programming will rival that of the first broadcast network (over the air – not cable) for African Americans, Bounce TV.

The network will be marketed as a “diginet” channel and will take the lifestyle approach to programming choices, including topics of travel, cuisine, parenting, work and relationships.

KIN TV will offer a “wide range of programming designed to entertain, inform and inspire a broad audience of modern African-American viewers,” according to a video presentation.

KIN TV, according to reports, is headed by Basil Street Media’s Lee Gaither, who also helped launch TV One.


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