Oct 5, 2011

I know on this site we tend to fill it with very serious issues and matters, but I've come to let you know we like to laugh here at The Savvy Sista as well. Well, a good friend sent me this video featuring the UniverSoul Circus. If you are unfamiliar with the circus I would definitely encourage you to check them out. I've seen them a couple times myself and it was definitely worth it.

Well, the following video features a segment during the circus where two couples are brought on stage and have to act out songs. What ensues is laugh out loud hilarious. God, I love my people.

Platinum Lovers ft. Proche & Brandon (BYFKZ) from Gary Beauford on Vimeo.


1 comment:

  1. That was funny, but it had to be staged, because there is no way a Sista would take off her wig like that unless she was getting ready to fight. LOL....