Oct 13, 2011

I realize I'm not a big fan of reality shows, but I have to admit that I honestly enjoy watching 'The Braxtons' because they remind me a lot of my family. It's just pure family dynamics without the drama of black women trying to tear each other down.

Well, if you watch 'The Braxtons' as I do then you know the biggest personality on the show is little sister, Tamar. Well, from the previews it looks like Tamar is finally going to get put in her place by none other than Mama Braxton herself, Ms. Evelyn. I'm talking about Mama Braxton is going to go all black mama on Tamar real quick.

Watch preview below:

As you can see, Tamar must have been out of pocket for a while because as a black child with a black mommma, I could tell Ms. Evelyn was about to go off. She was displaying all the signs that she was a black momma that was pissed, but yet Tamar chose to ignore them and kept talking. Ever black child knows that when your momma gives you that look (we all know the look) you are supposed to shut the hell up. I get the look all the time from my momma...LOL! Ask me what I do, shut the hell up...LOL! I'm not trying to get the 'piss' slapped out of me, but obviously Tamar was.

I can't wait to watch the new season. The second season is set to premiere on WETV on November 10, 2011.


  1. LMAO. Oh that was too funny. Mama Braxton definitely don't play. It's about time somebody put Tamar in her place. You don't ever disrespect that person who gave you life and raised you.

  2. That was for TV. What Momma Evelyn wanted to say was I'm going to slap the sh## out of you, but she realized she was on camera. LOL.....

  3. Yeah whenever your mother brings up her womb, child birth or raising you, you know it's a losing battle. And Tamar might be letting the fame get to her because when she said I didn't want to say anything I might regret and her mother said especially to me... The conversation was over. My Mother's favorite line was, I don't care what your little white friends say to their mother... From there it was understood that if I kept talking, my life was in danger