Oct 14, 2011

Shut the front door...LOL! I've heard of bad sex leading to temporary amnesia (and trust me it has absolutely nothing to do with physiology), but now you're telling me good sex may lead to temporary memory loss. Hmmm....actually that kind of make sense. Without putting too much of my business on here, I think I've experienced one of those moments...LOL! I guess if I had to lose my memory this would be the way to do it, the only problem is you want be able to remember how good it was. Now that's a real problem because it's the memory of the good times that help get you through the droughts and the desert periods...LOL!

So this is a dumb question, but I'm still going to ask it. If you knew you would experience memory loss from having good sex would you still want to have it? I mean chances are you wouldn't remember why you loss you memory in the first place...LOL!


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