Oct 17, 2011


This is one of those topics I wanted to discuss for the longest time.  It's something that I've always pondered and never could quite figure out.  Recently, I did a post about a new channel targeting African Americans called 'KIN TV'.  Honestly, I expected nothing but positive feedback, but that's not what I received.  I thought people would be happy that African Americans were taking up the entrepreneurial coat of arms and instead of waiting for someone to create something for us decided to do it ourselves, but that's not what I received as a response.  No not at all.  A lot of the responses I have received, whether it be through email or on Facebook, was why did black people feel the need to separate themselves from other groups of people.  Why do black people need channels like BET, TVOne, BounceTV, or KIN TV for that matter?  And before you ask, yes these people are all African Americans that are asking these questions.  These are the same people who question the continued existence of HBCU's and other programs that specifically target African Americans.  So the question I have to ask is why are these people so threatened by things that are specifically for an African American audience or consumer?

Has this idea of assimilation made some African Americans unable to appreciate the inherent differences that make African American culture so special?  And for this reason, these channels should exist.  Why is it okay to have channels like Telemundo and Univision for Spanish speaking people, but the thought of something designed for African Americans is offensive?  There are newspapers and television channels for Asians as well as Jewish people, but yet we choose to malign anything that is slanted towards us.  I don't hear anyone ever say that a college like Notre Dame shouldn't exist even thought it's a Catholic college and please don't even get me started on Brigham-Young University (BYU).  You would be hard press to find a Mormon to say something against this institution of higher learning.  But yet when it comes to the tearing down of an African American institution, you don't have to go very far to find a black person who is willing to participate.  It's as though we take some pleasure in our own self hatred.  We have been feed so long the constant meal of inferiority that some of us are actually starting to believe it.  So anything targeting black people we immediately believe has to be inferior even if it's not.

I believe this mindset is the very reason why someone like Uncle Herman Cain is comfortable going on television and telling the world that Black People are 'brainwashed', but yet when it comes to Rick Perry's hunting camp he chose his words carefully.  He was comfortable throwing people who looked like him under the bus in order to advance his agenda, but yet he became cowardly when it was time to call out an obvious wrong.

So what is up with that?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Is it just me or is there really something going on?  Speak On It...


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