Oct 3, 2011

During the 'Hot Topics' segment of The View, the controversy surround the name (N*ggergead) of Rick Perry's former campground came up in discussion. During the discussion, things got a little intense when Barbara Walters used the N-word in context of the story. Sherri took offense to her use of the word and what ensued was definitely made for TV gold.

I maybe in the minority in this one, but I definitely could understand where Sherri was coming from. She may not have been able to articulate herself properly but I still got what she was saying. I also want to point out that I disagree with Whoopi (no surprise there). She was talking about how younger kids were claiming to take away the 'stank' from the N-word and basically it didn't bother them when someone calls them that word. That is not true at all. You let a non-black person call a young person the N-word and see what happens. I promise all the 'stank' they think they removed will quickly be back in place. Just ask Michael Richards how it worked out for him.


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