Oct 3, 2011

During the 'Hot Topics' segment of The View, the controversy surround the name (N*ggergead) of Rick Perry's former campground came up in discussion. During the discussion, things got a little intense when Barbara Walters used the N-word in context of the story. Sherri took offense to her use of the word and what ensued was definitely made for TV gold.

I maybe in the minority in this one, but I definitely could understand where Sherri was coming from. She may not have been able to articulate herself properly but I still got what she was saying. I also want to point out that I disagree with Whoopi (no surprise there). She was talking about how younger kids were claiming to take away the 'stank' from the N-word and basically it didn't bother them when someone calls them that word. That is not true at all. You let a non-black person call a young person the N-word and see what happens. I promise all the 'stank' they think they removed will quickly be back in place. Just ask Michael Richards how it worked out for him.


  1. Well, I'm in that minority with you because I understood where Sherri was coming from. No, non-black person needs to use that word in its full text. They need to strictly stick to referring to it as the N-Word. Now, as far as Whoopi, I have come across some young black kids who don't mind if their non-black friends call them that.

    However, for the most part you're not going to walk up to some black person-young or old- and call them that and not have something pop off. That word will forever be a negative part of history and have bad feelings associated with it. Barbara should not have followed the leader so to speak and thought it was ok for her to use that word. And I can't even get started on Elizabeth.

    I can't believe she was going try to justify Barbara being able to say that word or try to minimize Sherri's feelings. I hope this was a lesson learned for the View and the viewers who watched.

  2. I'm glad Sherri was bold enough to say something live and in the moment. Barbara is her boss afterall, so she should be applauded for that. Personally, I think Barbara is losing it. She should retire and this is just another example of it. She fumbles for words, her timing is off...but that's another story. I've heard them discuss this before and Barbara acts like she just doesn't get it and Whoopi's philosophy is off-base too. Kids know exactly what it means. There is division about the use of the word among blacks. However there is CONSENSUS about the use of the word by non-blacks. It will never be justified.