Oct 19, 2011

Can someone please tell me what was it that black women did to ABC so I can be the first to offer my apology? Don't laugh, I'm being serious. There is a black female out there somewhere that did something to seriously offend someone at ABC or maybe perhaps it was at Disney (which happens to be the parent comapny of ABC). Either way, it must have been something really offensive because ABC seems to have it out for us.

First, they gave a platform to Steve Harvey and a bunch of other entertainers to tell black women why no one would marry them. And now, they are continuing the crusade by allowing Stanford law professor Ralph Richard Banks a chance to discuss his book, 'Is Marriage for White People', tonight on Nightline. Yes, you read that right. A law school professor wrote a relationship book about black women. I guess Mr. Banks figured that if a comedian could profit off making a relationship book aimed at black women then why couldn't a lawyer. You know, because lawyers and comedians are so verse in the dynamics and psychology surrounding interpersonal relationships especially those involving black women. Duh!

So on behalf of all black women, I would like to offer my sincerest apology to those good folks over at ABC. Please, please stop it with the torture. I'm crying 'Uncle' on this one. I can't take it anymore. Could you please find another demographic to exploit? Or, if you insist on talking about black women could you at least bring on some people who actually know what they are talking about. You know, the ones who actually went to school to get formal training on the subject material. I don't think I'm asking too much.

Please stop sending me these press releases!


  1. Yep. That Ralph Richard Banks, is just a house negro, inviting the females to be masters house hoes. Doesn't he know that, Paula Patton, Zoe Salanda, and Tandy Newton, already got the message. Doesnt that slave master have enough Black sellout women as it is. I'm sure the master dont want Sherrie sheppard (or anyone looking like her). Maybe Ralph Bank is behind that "GOP is the new black"?

  2. and now other outlets are taking ABC's lead. is a boycott in order? they wouldn't have these stories if it weren't for a few sisters willing to sign up to be "analyzed" :