Nov 21, 2011

I honestly believe Andrew Sullivan sums up quite nicely everything I've been thinking about when it comes to President Obama and the disenchantment on the Left. For the life of me I cannot wrap my mind around the disenchantment that is coming from the liberal base when the subject of this President comes up. The fact that you have so called Democratic pollesters coming out and saying that the President should bow out the race and just pass the reigns over to Hillary Clinton is just as deplorable as anything the Republicans have said. It just baffles the mind. All this man has accomplish and yet his base still manages to complain. I guess that's just the American way.

Via The Daily Beast:

The one thing I noticed in my continental run-around this past week is just how mad liberals are at Obama. I remain as baffled by this anger as I am by Republican contempt for the guy. New York magazine has two superb essays that sum up my own feelings on both sides pretty perfectly - by Jon Chait and David Frum. Chait notes how systemic and eternal liberal disenchantment is, and how congenitally useless Democrats are in rallying round a leader, even one who has achieved so much in such a short time. Many Dems even now think Clinton was more successful in fighting the GOP in his first term than Obama has been. (Memo to the left: universal healthcare was achieved under Obama). But much of this is the usual Democratic limpness and whininess. If George Bush had taken out Osama bin Laden, wiped out al Qaeda's leadership and gathered a treasure trove of real intelligence by a daring raid, he'd be on Mount Rushmore by now. If he'd done the equivalent on the right of universal healthcare, he'd be the second coming of Reagan. But Obama and liberals? If I hear one more gripe about single payer from someone in their fifties with a ponytail, I'll scream.

But the right is more unhinged and more dangerously full of denial. Since I was never structurally or financially or socially linked to the Washington right, I was immune to the withdrawal of jobs, money and access doled out to any dissenter in the Bush years. But every now and again, I get some kind of amazed look - "You're not going to back Obama again, are you?" - from someone in the conservative cocoon, and when I respond, "So far, you bet!", there is often a long pause and a genuine sadness on their faces. "What the hell happened to him?" you can hear them asking themselves.


  1. His leadership style and temperament is what I believe people are upset with. I can appreciate that concept but I do not agree with it. He has uneven-keeled demeanor and he does believe in compromise. That is who he is and he has not changed. He is not this fiery leader. A few weeks ago I heard an analyst say that people do not fear him. Seems like he does not draw a line in the sand; he takes the best offer. I will admit that even yesterday he said he would veto any bill that would circumvent the sequester that was agreed uponsupercommittee could not reach an agreement...I wondered if he really would veto it because it doesn't seem as if he really draws a hard line in the sand. In this particular case, if he did not follow through, I wouldn't be upset.

    In this day and age of relentless media coverage and punditry, people can micromanage, Monday morning quarterback, and just act like they know better and can do better. They dissect every play and do not put things into context so that people can think straight. Also, I am convinced that slot of people really do not know how our government works. They think the presidency is a dictatorship. That he can just blaze through ironclad opposition and get whatever he wants.

    Lastly, it is sad to me that Democrats are not rallying behind him in full force and that his accomplishments are overshadowed by his perceived and actual shortcomings. My biggest critique of this adminsitration is their communication skills. They are drowned out b the opposition. I hope that during the campaign they can clearly and undeniably make the case that he is the better choice.

  2. I meant he has an even keeled demeanor.