Nov 2, 2011

Tonyaa Weathersbee over at sums up exactly what I think when it comes to the Silent War on Voting that has been waged by the Republican party in order to ensure that President Obama is not reelected.  So instead of watching from the sidelines and complaining about what is going on, Tonyaa has decided to come up with a preemptive strike that we can do to ensure that we beat them at their own game.
Via BlackAmericaWeb:
The strike I'm referring to are laws that restrict voters' access to the polls; laws that have been spreading like kudzu in states where GOP-controlled legislatures are more obsessed with denying the nation's first black president a second term than in dealing with issues like unemployment, foreclosures and, well, real problems that their constituents face.

The laws range from eliminating early voting on Sundays to reinstating Jim Crow-era laws that ban former felons from voting to cumbersome voter identification requirements.

Of course, Republicans claim that it's all about preventing voter fraud, even though there's little to no evidence of such fraud that those laws are supposed to prevent. But that's just a symptom of their delusions of supremacy; they believe they ought to be able to make up the facts to fit their agenda.

I'd have more respect for them if they just pulled a Mitch McConnell and came right out and said the laws are intended to oust President Obama.

Now the Brennan Center for Justice tells us that the new laws could prevent as many as five million people – mostly young, mostly black and mostly poor – from exercising their right to vote. And that's not hard to see; if Texas will accept a license to carry a concealed handgun as a form of voter identification but not a student ID, then that's clearly something that's ground in ideology and not fairness.

Hopefully, many of those laws won't survive a challenge under the Voting Rights Act. But there's no time to simply wait for the Justice Department to act.

There is time, however, to ensure that some justice happens at the polls in spite of Republican attempts to suppress it.

What churches and citizens' groups can do right now is learn what the laws are – no matter how odious and cumbersome – and look for ways to not be stymied by them.


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