Nov 30, 2011

When you are rich and famous there are always going to be people who are willing to exploit you in order to make a quick buck. Recently we've seen this type of thing happen with young singer Justin Bieber and there was no one who personified this more than the late great Michael Jackson. Now it looks as though it's Tyler Perry's turn to get to see some of the darker side of fame.

Trust me, I'm not writing this to say that the new book, 'Never Would Have Made It', it not truthful, but rather that I'm willing to hold off judgment. All the claims that the author, Melvin Childs, are levying at Tyler may very well be true. Tyler could totally have used drug money to help jump start his very successful career, but I'm not willing to crucify him based upon one claim. I'm going to need a little more evidence.

I've been taught that there's always THREE sides to a story. Your side, their side, and the truth. Normally the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Trust me, if any of what the author is saying is true it is bound to come out. You know what they say about things done in the dark.

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  1. I'm giving Mr.Perry way more than the benefit of the doubt here. First of all, from the excerpts I have read and the one interview I've seen, this guy's story isn't at all consistent. On the one hand, he wants credit for Perry's success because he says it was his money and connections that made Perry a household name. Then he says that Perry was dealing with drug dealers... So does that mean you introduced him to the drug dealers?? Were these your connections??
    Secondly, I think he has been watching too many Damon Dash movies. Drug couriers driving cash across the country... Not if they have any sense at all since all of these 50 states and the Federal Government all have cash forfeiture and drug asset laws. But he knows that even though the claim is bigot speculative, it's not something that Perry can "disprove". It's not like Perry can get a bunch of drug dealers go show up at a press conference and say they never gave him money. I call BS on this one and shame on the author. You're mad because he didn't acknowledge you, if you gave him all the money you say you did then sue but book just makes you look silly and childish.
    Funny thing is, I heard rumors years ago about a Tyler Perry tell all but the subject matter was completely different. Wondering what happened to that one.

  2. So what. If it is it's done and over in the past. I'm sure IF this was every true he has asked for forgiveness from GOD! Not you people tryn to make a quick buck. Don't buy this book.

  3. This person that wrote this book is a convicted felon. He was just convicted about 2 years for fraud. He was involved in a major drug bust in Oklahoma and which he testified against his partner for no time served. Dig into his past you will be surprise what you find out. He is on federal probation for 10 years.