Nov 18, 2011

Due to my non-stop travel schedule, I missed 60 Minutes this past Sunday. Fortunately for me I have some very Savvy Readers and one of them sent me the link to the segment about University of Maryland Baltimore County president Freeman Hrabowski. Hrabowski represents what education, in my opinion, should be about. The concept of 'collaboration' instead of 'competition' is the key to success is a very interesting to me. As an engineer, this is something that I was thought at the onset of my education. We had to work as a team because as an engineer you must have a team mindset. It's very interesting to see this same concept applied to scientists.

His approach to his students is definitely a model that can be emulated across the country.

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  1. Dr. Hrabowski is indeed making a profound impact at UMBC and throughout higher education. As one that is not easily impressed, I can say that this man is changing lives and challenging the elitist/"weed out" philosophy that exists among faculty and university administrators across the nation. After hearing him speak on my campus two years ago, I can say that he is one to watch.