Nov 2, 2011

Okay, I am really on a rant this morning. Please, do not lean in too close to your computer screen because I am about to blow and I want no innocent bystanders to be hit by shrapnel.

The word "racism" has been getting a lot of press this week and quite frankly, I am sick of it. I continue to be amazed by the hypocrisy of the media in this country.

On Halloween night, a hockey player and his wife dressed in Blackface before proclaiming that they were BUSINESS MAN (yes I said business nice it must be for them to overlook the fact that this Black man has turned a street hustle into hundreds of millions of dollars and owns real estate and business interests all over the WORLD) Sean Carter and his pop superstar wife Beyonce Knowles. The picture was tweeted by another player at the party and then made headline sports news. When I first saw the picture, I had two thoughts: 1) how immature and stupid and 2) the teammate who tweeted this picture must not like you very much.

By Tuesday morning, the picture was all over the internet with bloggers questioning whether or not the wearing of blackface for Halloween was racist. As always opinions varied but that same day, the team that dude (yeah I refuse to call you by name) played for issued a statement to the press. In their statement, the spokesperson for the Coyote hockey team informed us that it was not racism at all because the hockey player and his wife admire Jay-Z and Beyonce. HUH??

First of all, who appointed a hockey team as the judge of what is and what is not racism??? And the truth of the matter is, we may not know whether or not their intentions were racist when they decided to cover themselves in shoe polish but one thing is for sure, what they did was offensive and in bad taste. Yet, no where in the Coyote statement do they acknowledge that the couple made a bad decision. In fact, they are indignant about the situation calling the media silly for reporting on the incident.

Well, I have never been a hockey fan but I have been coerced into attending a few games. NEVER AGAIN.... and if you live in Phoenix, you should be doubly offended because you can bet your tax dollars are used to offer benefits to this organization that thinks it's silly for us to be upset that one of their players would do such a thing.

Lastly, because I know I will receive some emails telling me I am too sensitive about this issue, I just have to rub salt in the wound. People defending his costume choice are actually saying the the blackface was used for costume authenticity... hmmm... really now??? Okay, well if they were so concerned about authenticity, why is the wife's hair jet black??? When was the last time Beyonce was a brunette?? So you had time to cover all visible parts of your body in the most unflattering shade of horse manure brown but you couldn't stop at the store and pick up a blond wig so that your costume might really be somewhat authentic?? Please stop peeing on our heads and calling it rain.

In other, we'll tell you when it's racist news, Herman "Racism doesn't hold us back anymore" Cain has now decided that racism is indeed hindering his run for the Republican nomination for President. Oh really now??? In the wake of allegations that Cain sexually harassed two former employees while he was head of a restaurant owners association, Cain and his good buddies Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter have decided that racism is afoot.

Personally, I'm confused how being questioned about making comments about pubic hairs on Coke cans and allegedly touching women inappropriately at work falls under the category of racism; but, hey what do I know?? I'm just a Black woman living in America.

Now when people were appalled and offended that Harvard professor, Dr. Henry Louis Gates, was accosted by police in his own home and called the actions of the police racist, we were mistaken. Continued questioning of the current President's place of birth despite him producing two birth certificates and a legal statement from the hospital of his birth that he was indeed born in these here United States, not racism. Saying "Our Blacks are better than their Blacks," (despite the fact that the law prohibits you from owning other people) not racism. Questioning a conservative, run on family values, politician about his business ethics and possible violations of Federal law, racism.

See how the game is played??


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