Nov 1, 2011

Dear Ann,

I really have every intention of keeping this letter as polite (my mother tried so hard to raise me to be a lady) and couth(although, I fear the fine nuances of those efforts will be lost on you) as possible. In order to reinforce my strong belief in the kindness and altruistic nature of human beings, I cannot view you as the racist, blond, nit-wit that others have characterized you as being. Instead, I choose to believe that you are simply uninformed and your malignant statements stem from a place of ignorance and not because you are indeed, as others have suggested, the spawn of Satan.

First, I have to address your conversation with Sean Hannity and your statement regarding how "Your Blacks are better than their Blacks." Allow me to give you a little history lesson. Back in 1863, a distinguished gentleman, you might have heard of him, President Abraham Lincoln stood in a bloody battlefield and read a treaty that he called the Emancipation Proclamation. Now, President Lincoln declared that this proclamation freed slaves. And while, I will certainly entertain the argument that since the South had already seceded from the Union, that proclamation had no binding affect on them... when your Whites surrendered to our Whites in 1865, they were pretty much bound by the laws of the Union.

So Ann, sadly, I must inform you that you don't have any Blacks and, if by chance you do, you are in violation of several Federal laws and if you don't release them immediately, I will be forced to call "them people" on you.

Now that we've cleared that up, let's talk about your comparison of Herman Cain's upbringing to that of PRESIDENT Obama's (yes ma'am, you might not like it but a few years ago we had this election and our Whites, who coincidentally really are better than your Whites, helped us vote him into office because we were able to see past the color of his skin and actually hear his plan for a better America). I find it just a little ironic, that a blond haired, blue-eyed woman would cast herself as an expert on the Black experience in America. You see Ann, the civil rights struggle in this country, didn't end in the 1960's. So your parents didn't have to be sprayed with a hose or bitten by dogs for you to understand that being Black in America continues to mean being separate and unequal; just look at the recent unemployment statistics or the research study that held that White men with a criminal record were more likely to be hired for a job than Black men with no criminal record.

And as long as we're on the subject about how much "your Blacks" learned from the civil rights movement, let's talk about Condoleezza Rice. Ms. Rice grew up in Birmingham, AL during the 1960's. While Bull Connor was turning water hoses on little Black children, Ms. Rice was taking piano lessons. Although one of the beautiful little girls killed in the 16th Street church bombing lived just 2 houses down from Ms. Rice, when she was asked what affect the civil rights movement had on her childhood, she responded, not much. Is this the valuable Black experience you feel that President Obama lacks? Or were you so quick to bash the President that you forgot that "your Blacks" fall a little short on the Black experience too?

And all of this brings me to my major point, Ann. It is because of foot in mouth conservatives like yourself , that Republicans no longer have a strong hold over the Black community. You are so busying trying to own us or convince us that your way is the only way that you overlook the obvious. Most African-Americans, not just the ones you seem to think you have ownership of, are socially conservative. Abortions are generally frowned upon in the Black community and while you won't necessarily find them marching in the Right to Life demonstrations, your side is always quick to point out the number of Black women who are single mothers and have multiple kids. Well, Ann, there is a good reason for that, we're not having more sex than white women but when we do find out that we are having an unplanned pregnancy, we generally have our babies as opposed to dropping 300.00 at the clinic. Of course then you blame us for overburdening the welfare system, a theory not at all supported by fact since the DHR statistics show that Whites receive the majority of TANFF benefits in this country.

Black churches have also been the most organized gay marriage opponents. But rather than finding a common ground with Black voters and then expounding on that or just adjusting your positions on some other matters so that your party can attract more Black voters, you'd rather insult us as a population. Unfortunately for you, Ann, it doesn't make us look bad, it just shows how narrow minded and out of touch you are. You see, Ann, MY BLACK PEOPLE don't like it when you pee on our head and then tell us it's rain, we can smell the urine.


A Freed Negro...not one yours or theirs

P.S. Please do not email me to tell me that just as White people cannot own Blacks, we cannot own them either. I was being facetious, to make a point.

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  1. Why do they continue to allow this woman walk around freely? She needs to shut her mouth permanently. And Condolezza is a straight lie saying the Civil Rights Movement didn't affect her childhood. She's the same age as my mom and my mom is from SC and she's told us stories about how the Movement affected her childhood. I know that being raised in Alabama, probably the state with the most racial tension during that time, you were affected about the Movement.

    Stuff like this makes me want to knock some people up side their heads!