Nov 15, 2011

This whole thing is just disturbing and disgusting to me. I believe in due process in this country and thus I must say that Mr. Sandusky is innocent until proven guilty, but this interview really did not help his case. He really came across as strange let's just say that. I'm going to shut up before I give too much of my opinion.

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  1. I am surprised that his attorney allowed him to interview at all and not intervene with certain questions. I agree that he did not help his case. I also have to say that Bob Costas did an excellent job with the interview. He is in the sports journalism world, but he showed his true journalistic ability with this interview.

  2. I agree with you regarding due process and a defendant being innocent until proven guilty but I also think that our founding fathers just never contemplated that with the advancement of technology, the media would play such a crucial role in forming American opinion and policy. It sickens me that Sandusky and Cain are now using the law to throw stones and hide their hands. Cain can call the women he settled sexual harassment suits with liars but they are legally prohibited from telling us his alleged transgressions and how much he paid them to keep quiet. Sandusky can go on national tv and call the witness who saw him raping a boy in the shower a liar and the 8 boys whose lives forever changed because of him either liars or stupid but we can't call him a scum, pedophile, rapist who should should be strung upside down from a tree, his body covered in honey and a million bees released in his presence, because he has not yet been tried and convicted. Just doesn't feel like justice to me