Nov 18, 2011

If you know anything about me then you know I love these talent shows on television for some reason I can't explain. My favorite is 'So You Think You Can Dance', but lately I've gotten into the 'X-Factor'. I've really been liking this show for some reason (maybe it's because I love me some Simon Cowell). Well, one of my favorite acts on the show has been 15 year old rapper Astro. This young dude is definitely something special in my opinion, but his age and attitude got the best of him last night after he found himself in the bottom two.

Astro was in the bottom two with singer and early favorite Stacy Francis. When it was time for the two acts to sing for their lives, Stacy Francis belted out a stirring but pitchy (you like that word don't you...LOL!) rendition of Amazing Grace, but it was Astro that had the moment of the night when he initially refused to perform, but then when he did perform is was a halfhearted and lackluster attempt.

This was definitely something that was off-putting and cause a lot of boos to flow from the crowd. His mentor L.A. Reid immediately scolded his immaturity by saying, "You acted a little bit like a quitter, and it upset me." But it was Simon Cowell, once again proving why he's my favorite, that gave the young man the talking to that he should have gotten. "I don't like your attitude right now." Cowell said.

"Look at me, and think about your mum watching the show," Cowell continued to say. "Because you are showing disrespect to your mum. You are showing disrespect to the audience at home, and I don't like people with this attitude."

Of course this brought tears to the young rappers eyes. I don't know if it was the New York bravado or a defense mechanism he was using to defend himself from feeling rejection or being hurt, but it was definitely disappointing to watch. I looked at the comments on different sites that discussed what happened and by most accounts everyone thinks Astro is a spoiled brat who is representative of what is wrong with today's youth. I have to admit I think there is something to that. There is this sense of entitlement raging throughout the younger generation. They think they must have everything now and if they don't get then their immediately upset and disappointed. This appears to be the case with Astro.

Astro started to believe so much in his own hype that when people rejected him he immediately got defensive and basically gave up. This is something I've witnessed a lot in my generation and people younger than me. If people don't love and accept us right now then we just give up instead of showing that warrior spirit and pressing on.

What's even worse is the fact that Astor is a rapper. For the most part we like our rappers to be a little cocky when their performing, but we also expect them to show some humility. I think Astro got caught up in the cocky part and thus lost his way there for a minute. Just like any kid, he is entitled to make a mistake for God's sake that's the point of being a kid. This is a teachable moment for him. I just hope there is someone around him that can show him and teach him better.

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