Nov 8, 2011

You know I've been accused of being pretty cynical here at The Savvy Sista and even I can admit that most of time...well...I am. So, earlier today I was having a conversation with my godmother and I started joking about the fact that I thought it was someone from Uncle Herman's camp that leaked the information about the sexual harassment suits. We both started laughing, but after I started to think about actually started to make sense.

I mean no one really thought Uncle Herman's campaign for president was actually serious. He didn't even setup campaign offices in the critical states such as Iowa or New Hampshire. I, just like a whole lot of people, felt that he was on a very high profile book tour, but somewhere along the way because of the lack of depth of the candidates on the GOP side, people actually started taking him serious. This, of course, completely caught the Cain people off guard.

So Uncle Herman had to do whatever he could to throw the spotlight and the title of front runner off of him. He enjoyed the publicity because it helped him sell more books, but he definitely wasn't feeling the scrutiny. He came up with his 9-9-9 tax plan that had any other serious candidate come up with he/she would have been laughed off the stage. But instead of laughing at Uncle Herman, the people actually started to debate his plan and it took up a big chunk of valuable air time. He still remained the frontrunner.

Uncle Herman made major snafus like not knowing China had nuclear weapons or telling the many people in this country who were unemployed that the fact they didn't have jobs was their fault. Did that kind of stuff knock him from the spot of frontrunner? Hell no. So now Uncle Herman is getting real desperate. He has his campaign chief of staff, Mark Block, release some crazy ass video where in the end he's smoking a cigarette (because we know there's nothing Americans hate more than cigarettes). Does that knock him from frontrunner status? Hell no. So now Uncle Herman is beyond desperate. It's time to bring out the big guns: sexual harassing white women.

Now, Uncle Herman may have find the thing that is finally going to take him from that frontrunner status and leave him to sell his books like he was originally planning. Because there's a lot of stuff that white people can forgive, but harassing white women (especially the blonde ones) is asking a little too much, honey.

You know I maybe wrong about this whole thing. Uncle Herman may actually want to become President and is just going about the whole thing in a very unorthodox way. But there just are some things going on that give me pause.

Anyway you know I be thinking...


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