Dec 18, 2011

Just label me skeptical because I find it really hard to believe that someone would not see how inappropriate it is to play 'Dixie' at a site were three black men were lynched.  The president of Missouri State University can give all the excuses he want but I'm not buying them.  At some point we just have to say enough.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Missouri State University is apologizing after its band performed "Dixie" at a site where three black men were lynched in 1906. 

 The Confederate anthem has come to represent the ideology of the Old South.The school's Pride Band played "Dixie" at the Nov. 18 dedication of Park Central Square in Springfield, the southwest Missouri city where the university is located. A plaque identifies the square as the location where three black men were lynched more than a century ago.

Smart says the band director didn't understand the significance of the song.The local NAACP president says "Dixie" was an inappropriate choice and sparked community complaints.


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