Dec 7, 2011

Okay so in a turn of events I definitely didn't see coming, it turns out that former CNN cutie T.J. Holmes is leaving the network for BET. Yeah you read that right. BET.

I'm just as stunned as you are. BET must be offering some hellified money to get the rising star to leave CNN.

It is being reported that he will be honesting a new program on BET as well as contributing stories to BET's website. The show is described as featuring 'Holmes' prospective on current events as well as human interest stories."

It should be interesting.


  1. Can we say Ed Gordon? TJ I wouldn't trust them.

  2. No doubt he felt completely stifled at CNN to go to BET and yeah, the money is insane.

  3. Oh wow. I LOVE watching T.J. on CNN. Not sure how I feel about him going over to BET. I don't watch BET as much as I used to, but I'll be tuning in to TJ when he's on there. I wish him much success.