Dec 21, 2011

It's one of those issues that plague the community that we all know about but rarely do we dicuss in front of mixed company. The issue of colorism is something that is very far reaching and has impacted not only people of African descent but also other people of color such as Indians as well Koreans. Colonialism really did a job on us and we are still feeling the affects.

Recently, Pamela Bennett, an assistant professor of sociology at Johns Hopkins University conducted a study that basically showed how far we still need to go when it comes to this issue of safe hatred.

This was the biggest finding from Bennett's study:

The American social hierarchy places people of mixed-race ancestry below whites but above blacks, while additional social stratifications along color lines are simultaneously taking place within the nation’s multiracial groups, according to a Johns Hopkins University sociologist’s study of U.S. Census data.

I'm not sure we needed a study to tell us what we already knew, but it's amazing that something like this still plagues our community. It's sad that black beauty is still defined by eurocentric terms, and we are still not able to totally appreciate the diverse beauty of our community.

How do we begin to move away from this? What is it going to take to finally heal our community of this notion that 'White is Right?'

Colorism is a divide and conquer mechanism that makes dark skin blacks feel marginalized and make light skin blacks feel isolated from their community. Either way, none of us win.


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