Dec 9, 2011

This is a brewing controversy that is starting to gain more media attention. On the campus of Georgetown, famed author Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is teaching a sociology course based around the lyrics of Jay-Z.

There are a lot of people for the course, but there is a mounting number of people starting to criticize the class and it's place in an academic setting.

So the question is, Does the lyrics of Jay-Z belong in an academic setting?

Is Dr. Michael Eric Dyson truly trying to educate young people on the plight of the 'Black Man' through the lenses of Jay-Z or is he just trying to exploit one of his celebrity friendships for some more media attention? Does using Jay-Z as the archetype of black men present a monolithic view of the black man's path or does Jay-Z serve as one of the best examples of a black man turning his life around for the better?

If Jay-Z is a good subject for a college, then what other rappers would you like to see courses taught on? And on the subject of rappers at the top of their game, why do we always tend to forget the story of Will Smith? His is one of the most compelling stories. He went from rapper to dominating the movie industry. That is just unheard of.

Personally, outside of Biggie and Tupac, I would like to see someone dissect the lyrics of Outkast, Lauryn Hill, Common, Nas, and Eminem. Those rappers are a little more my flavor.

Besides, have Michael Jackson, James Brown or Marvin Gaye ever been given courses?

Side note:
No offense to any of the Jay-Z fans, but did he seriously just compare Jay-Z to Toni Morrison and Langston Hughes? Maybe something was wrong with my hearing.


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