Apr 30, 2011

If you've ever watched one of the White House Correspondent's Dinner while Obama's been President, then you know the Prez (as I like to call him) is totally hilarious. President Obama took shots at everyone from Donald Trump to the GOP potential candidates. It was great. I think my favorite part was when he referenced Tupac and Biggie, his opening, and when ODB was playing in the background of the video.

President Obama's Video Parody

Seth Meyer's Speech

NEW YORK (AP) — Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon celebrated their third anniversary with another milestone — becoming parents to a baby girl and boy.

Carey's representative, Cindi Berger, confirmed the births to The Associated Press. The singing superstar gave birth Saturday morning at an undisclosed hospital in Los Angeles. Berger says the baby girl was born first, weighing 5 pounds, 3 ounces, and was 18 inches long; her brother was next, at 5 pounds 6 ounces, and was 19 inches.

Berger says the couple has not named the children yet. Cannon drove Carey to the hospital in their Rolls-Royce Phantom. Berger says while Carey was calm, Cannon was so nervous he went the wrong department at the hospital.

The couple are expected to renew their wedding vows on Sunday. Berger says they were listening to Carey's "We Belong Together" after the children were born.

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Goldie Taylor's commentary on this issue was so spot on that I don't feel I have anything to add to the conversation. She said everything I wanted to say.

Click here to read her entire commentary.

Apr 28, 2011


NEW YORK -- Cam Newton provided one of the few predictable moments, so far, in a bizarre NFL offseason.

While the league's labor dispute played out in the courts, the Heisman Trophy winner was selected No. 1, as expected, in Thursday night's NFL draft, taken by the Carolina Panthers.

Moments before the Auburn quarterback's name was called by Roger Goodell, frustrated fans showered the NFL commissioner with chants of "We want football. We want football."

Goodell responded with a smile, saying, "I hear you. So do I."

Newton led Auburn to an undefeated season and its first national championship since 1957. Carolina was 2-14 last year, using four quarterbacks, two of them rookies.

"Man, it's a great feeling to be up here," said Newton, the third straight quarterback taken first overall. "It's a great feeling to be a Carolina Panther."

Newton's selection marked the third straight draft in which a quarterback was taken with the first pick.

"It's time to get to work now," he said. The league, mired in a lockout that lasted 45 days, assured teams and players they could resume some of the normal day-to-day football operations beginning Friday.

The draft was never in danger of being held because it was protected under the old collective bargaining agreement that expired in March. Moments before it began, Goodell requested a moment of silence for victims of the vicious storms that decimated part of the South on Wednesday.

Looks like the Queen had a 'Come to Jesus' moment and realized that the idea of having Halle Berry play her in a biopic was a little far fetched even in Hollywood standards.  She has decided that maybe Fantasia or Jennifer Hudson would be better suited in tackling the role of the almighty Queen.
Here is what she said about the two women:

"They're both very good singers and very good actresses," said Franklin, revealing that there will be a younger and older Aretha — perfect for two actresses. "My feeling is that we'll end up with two Arethas, one younger and one older. And you never know who we'll find."

Aretha has a new album coming out May 3rd called "Aretha: A Woman Falling Out of Love" which will be her 38th studio album.  Now that's called longevity, honey. 

Apr 27, 2011

Whoopi Goldberg finally said what all of us have been thinking about this 'damn' birther issue surrounding our President. Ms. Goldberg actually made me proud when used the platform 'The View' to tell the truth.

Here's what she said:

"I'm getting tired of trying to find reasons not to think of stuff as being racist," she said. "...Being black, when you say, 'you know, this is racist,' 9,000 people say, 'oh, no, you're just playing the race card.' Well, you know what? I'm playing the damn card now." As the audience cheered, Goldberg mimed a dealer handing out cards to people.

"You know how Donald always says, 'People are laughing at us, thinking we don't have it'?" Goldberg continued. "Here's one of the reasons they're laughing at us, Donald. When you show such insane disrespect to the president of your country, people in other countries think that we're idiots. So I'm just pointing that out."

Today the President released the long form of his birth certificate, which the fact that he even had to do such a thing is a travesty. Anyone who thinks this is going to satisfy the 'birthers' that are plaguing the GOP are sadly mistaken because this entire thing was never about where the President was born. This thing has and continues to be about doing anything to discredit this President. Let's be real and stop pretending this isn't what it is. Racism is and continues to be alive and well in this country. The fact that the media would continue to run with this story is even more of a travesty. It was the media that propped up and continued this non-story to a point that the President felt compelled to released his birth certificate. Do you think something like this would have ever happened to a white President? Hell no! John McCain would have never been asked for his birth certificate had he become President just like no other white person would be asked for their birth certificate.

This is another sad day in US history!

Via BlackAmericaWeb:

A judge in Tulsa, Oklahoma has dismissed the case of Lynnette Dixon, a black elementary school principal who was arrested and charged with obstructing an officer when she questioned the search of her daughter’s home last month, Dixon's attorney confirmed.

Dixon’s case, reported Tuesday on BlackAmericaweb.com, had attracted national attention. But it’s not completely resolved because she must wait to learn what happens with her job. She has been on paid leave since early March.

An email made public last week revealed a concerted effort by Gary Rudick, chief of police of Tulsa Public Schools, to persuade Tulsa Police to build a case for firing Dixon.
After the email sent to police by Rudick was made public, the school system placed Rudick on leave.

Dixon’s attorney, Richard O’Carroll, said he was not surprised by the dismissal of the case.

“It was inevitable. They were backed into a corner. They had to do it,” O’Carroll told BlackAmericaWeb.com.

Basically, the judge in the case declared unconstitutional the local law that fined Dixon for speaking up, O’Carroll said. The prosecutor then dropped the charges, and the case was dismissed Tuesday afternoon, he said.

Dixon had been fined $200, but paying the fine and accepting guilt could have set in place grounds for her dismissal.

Dr. William Blakney, president of the Tulsa NAACP, said several people had advised Dixon not to fight the charge.

“They told her not to bother with it,” Blakney told BlackAmericaWeb.com. “She said she had done no wrong, but the way she was treated was wrong, so she decided to fight it.”

Dixon is principal of Hawthorne Elementary School, a school with about 430 students according to its web site. An overwhelming majority of the students – 94 percent - are African-American, and 99.7 percent of the students recieve free or reduced lunch.

Dixon has overcome challenges at the school and it is not on the system’s at-risk list, Blakney said.

“She is a good principal doing a good job,” Blakney said.

The incident that led to Dixon’s misdemeanor charge and suspension from her job began when police went to the residence of Dixon’s daughter, who lives in subsidized housing. A neighbor had accused the daughter and her boyfriend of burglary, according to Dixon’s attorney.

Police were searching the apartment when Dixon arrived. She asked her daughter if the officers had a warrant. She also told her daughter to get the officers badge numbers, according to O’Carroll.

“Ms. Dixon asked them what they were doing. Instead of asking her to be quiet, they told her to leave,” O’Carroll said. Dixon insisted on getting more information.

The school system has said it could not comment on the case because it involves a personnel matter.

O’Carroll said the ordeal, which has lasted now for more than a month, has taken a toll on his client.

“I can’t tell you the impact this has had on her,” O’Carroll said. “We are hoping now that she will be back on the job by the end of this week.”
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Convicted Philadelphia police killer and death-row activist Mumia Abu-Jamal could get a new sentencing hearing in the next six months.

A U.S. appeals court is ordering the new hearing after finding for a second time that the death-penalty instructions given to the jury at Abu-Jamal's 1982 trial were confusing.

The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says prosecutors must conduct a new hearing or agree to a life sentence.

District Attorney Seth Williams says he will consider another appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The 58-year-old former Black Panther's first-degree murder conviction still stands in the fatal shooting of white officer Daniel Faulkner.

NEW YORK (AP) — A New Jersey mother is suing an anti-abortion organization that used her 6-year-old daughter's image on a massive billboard in New York City that some people denounced as racist and offensive.

Tricia Fraser filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Texas-based Life Always over the billboard that went up briefly in Manhattan earlier this year.

Life Always did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The billboard pictured Fraser's daughter, who is black, along with the words, "The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb."

The lawsuit claims the use of her daughter's image was "defamatory, unauthorized and offensive." It called the billboard "racist."

Though the photograph was obtained legally, the lawsuit claims its license prohibited the use of the image in "defamatory" ways.

Apr 26, 2011

Jean Pierre (2nd from left), dad of kids who died when their mom, Lashanda Armstrong, drove their car into the Hudson, and Datrice Armstrong (3rd from left), Lashanda's mother, leave the funeral home.
Lord, I didn't think this story could get anymore tragic but it keeps on going.  All of this is just senseless.


Via NYDailyNews:

You would think that having to eulogize a 5-year-old, a 2-year-old and a baby who didn't make it to her first birthday is the most terrible thing in the world.

You would be wrong.

An even more terrible thing is allowing a family feud - however understandable - to turn a sad, solemn funeral into a raucous shouting match in which everyone loses.

That's what happened at the funeral of Landon, Lance and Lainaina Pierre, who died with their 25-year-old mother,Lashanda Armstrong, when she drove them all into the Hudson in a suicide plunge on April 12.

Fury erupted after the children's father, Jean Pierre, gave police a list of 80 people who should be allowed into the service at the Alphonso E. Brown Funeral Home in Spring Valley, Rockland County.

Only 18 of the invited mourners were members of Armstrong's family.

"Enough is enough!" shouted Gwendolen Green, 48, a nurse and Armstrong cousin whose son was blocked from entering.

"This side of the family matters, too! You know it's wrong!"

Green objected to the display of grief shown by Pierre, who had quarreled with Armstrong on the night of the tragedy over his philandering and an order of protection she'd gotten against him.

"He's carrying on so [much] in there, screaming and hollering. The guilt is filling him up," said Green, who wore photo-buttons of the children.

"Treat the mother right! Don't abuse! Pay child support! You're supposed to take care of people when they're alive!"

At the Gethsemene Cemetery in nearby Congers, relatives from both sides of the family wailed loudly in unison as the three tiny white coffins were lowered into the ground, fitting together into one burial plot.

They were supposed to be buried with their mother in another cemetery last Thursday, but Pierre, 26, stopped that plan at the last minute, decreeing they should not be buried with the woman who killed them.

Armstrong's 10-year-old son, Lashaun Armstrong, who escaped the vehicle by swimming into the frigid waters, attended his mother's funeral. He stayed home with an aunt yesterday, relatives said, to spare him more pain.

As gravediggers from the Nugent Bros. Co.. finished their work, one paused to tenderly arrange three bouquets of white lilies and tiny blue forget-me-nots atop the grave, right next to the headstone of Cornelius Mahoney, who died at the age of 95.

Along with the sadness and anger one question loomed: How could a mother kill her own children?

How could she do it, no matter how much she wanted to punish their father for cheating on her?

How could she, when for most of their lives, Armstrong didn't even want them to get a scraped knee? When she had held down a job to clothe and feed them?

Armstrong seemed to be looking out for her kids when she sought the order of protection, after little Lance wandered into the snow after Pierre left him alone, supposedly so he could hook up with another woman.

It's at the level of a tragic Greek myth - that of Medea, who murdered her two children by Jason when he left her for a princess.

Pierre, a Haitian immigrant who'd been with Armstrong since their high school prom - after she'd had Lashaun with a different young man at the age of 15 - has said he was not directly responsible for the death of his three children.

And he wasn't - but perhaps he wasn't as responsible as he could have been for their lives and for that of their mother.

As the two families left the cemetery, named for the garden where Jesus prayed for strength, they removed their coats and Easter hats, for it was warm again, 70degrees, in Spring Valley.

If only Armstrong had waited for her own spring, waited for things to get better.

And you remembered that just before her only surviving child saved himself, his mother grabbed him and cried, "I made a mistake!" he told police, who found her gearshift in reverse.

All you could hope for as the mourners left was that Pierre would man up and be a good father to Lashaun, and that the family that lost a daughter and three grandchildren could help him - for the sake of the little boy who miraculously swam away from death on that terrible, terrible night.

A Tulsa, Oklahoma elementary school principal is fighting to have her case dismissed following a March incident in which she was arrested after asking if police searching her daughter's residence had a warrant to do so.

The case of Lynnette Dixon is about a black woman speaking up in a city where one race usually rules, civil rights leaders and Dixon's lawyer say.

That point was made clear in an email made public last week in which the Tulsa schools chief of police told Tulsa police officers the system wanted to fire Dixon, and her arrest would help their case.

"It's like we still are in 1921. They don't like for you to bring up the Tulsa race riots, but they still have not dealt with it," Tulsa NAACP President Dr. William Blakney told BlackAmericaWeb.com. "As a minister, I have lived all over the country - Alabama, Oregon, Missouri - but this is the most racist place I have ever lived."

The incident began on March 7, when police went to the residence of Dixon's daughter who lives in subsidized housing. A neighbor had accused the daughter and her boyfriend of burglary, according to her attorney, Richard O'Carroll.

Police were going through the apartment when Dixon arrived. She asked her daughter if the officers searching her home had a warrant. She also told her daughter to get the officers' badge numbers, according to O'Carroll.

"Ms. Dixon asked them what they were doing. Instead of asking her to be quiet, they told her to leave," O'Carroll told BlackAmericaWeb.com.

Dixon was charged with obstructing a police officer and fined $200, according to O'Carroll. She was placed on paid leave from the Tulsa Public School System, but the incident could cost Dixon her job as principal of Hawthorne Elementary School, the lawyer said.

Blakney is calling Tulsa ministers together later this week to support Dixon and her school, he said. 

"Ms. Dixon is a good principal. The parents are supporting her. The school is not at risk," he said. "She meets all of the challenges and deals with them, helping the children to succeed."

Hawthorne has 430 students, and 99.7 percent of the students are on either free or reduced lunch. An overwhelmingly majority of the students – 94 percent – are African-American, according to the school's web site.

"This is not only affecting Ms. Dixon. It's affecting the students and their families," Blakney said.

School officials told BlackAmericaWeb.com they could not comment on Ms. Dixon, or the email from Tulsa Public Schools Police Chief Gary Rudick, obtained by NewsChannel 8.

Here is an excerpt of the email to Tulsa police made public in Oklahoma and dated March 8:

"I am sure you know the fat is in the fire over the arrest of Principal Lynette Dixon. The NAACP is having a support mtg for a public show of support tonight. We served a suspension letter on Dixon this afternoon and about 40 people were at her home all bitching about the racists cops we all are.

"We want to fire this woman so your case is important to us. I've got Collburn on this from our end gathering admin data. He spoke to your guys. We intend to interview the security guards. Here is what I think is the best course.

"We don't want any reports or statements on paper that are not already a matter of public record. I suspect that when we fire her that her attorney will want a hearing and try to do discovery at the hearing on anything we use. For that reason, we are simply putting a report together that is based on our interviews and what is already public, nothing more. That way if we go to an admin hearing BEFORE the court proceeding, we don't have a lot for them to do discovery on. However, chances are good that the attorney would subpoena your guys to our admin hearing in order to do exactly that........ discovery of what the case would be about."

"If the criminal case is dismissed it will hurt us badly in trying to fire this woman. I think someone from TPD needs to make sure the Prosecutors are on board this case and don't dismiss it out of hand or bow to public pressure. There will be a great deal of pressure on this as we've been getting calls here and to the Sup's office all day.

"I am so glad that your guys arrested her ..."

Known for producing many of Georgia's black educators, Morris Brown College was founded by former slaves in 1881 and has roots in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Morris Brown College is negotiating a deal to pay just $500,000 out of the $9.9 million it owes the U.S. Department of Education, the college president said Monday.

While it is only part of the more than $30 million debt facing the historically black college, President Stanley Pritchett said the plan would bolster the Atlanta institution's struggle to earn back accreditation.

"This gives the college hope," he said. "This gives us a spirit of optimism we have not had in a very long time."

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools revoked the institution's accreditation in 2003, citing gross financial mismanagement. The college is in the pre-application process to receive accreditation through Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, said T. Paul Boatner, the group's president. The process can take five years.

Officials with the U.S. departments of education and justice declined to confirm the pending agreement. While the agreement is with the education department, the justice department must approve it as well.

"We're aware of the debt situation with Morris Brown, but are not in a position to discuss the issue," education department spokesman Justin Hamilton said. "We recognize the important role of historically black colleges and the need to preserve their important legacy."

The school lost accreditation largely because of crushing debt and financial fraud. Dolores Cross, president from 1998 to 2002, pleaded guilty in 2006 to embezzling federal student aid money to try to save the school from financial ruin. Former financial aid director Parvesh Singh also pleaded guilty.

Today Morris Brown is a scaled-down version of its former self. The college enrolled about 3,000 students at its peak, but is down to 85, Pritchett said. The college downsized from nearly 50 majors to three -- general studies, business administration and organizational management and leadership. source

SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. (AP) — Tensions erupted Monday at a private funeral service for three New York children who died after their mother drove their car into the Hudson River.

A relative of the mother walked out of the small funeral home in Spring Valley saying, "I don't care. This side of the family matters."

Gwendolen Green, a second cousin of the mother, LaShanda Armstrong, said she was kicked out of the service after she stood up for her 17-year-old son who was being "manhandled."

"The last straw was when they messed with my child," she said.

Armstrong, 25, loaded her four children into a minivan on April 12 after an argument with the father of the three youngest. She drove down a boat ramp in Newburgh into the river. The oldest child, a 10-year-old La'Shaun Armstrong, crawled out a window and survived.

Armstrong's funeral was Thursday. A joint funeral had been planned for the mother and children, but the dead children's father, Jean Pierre, said last week that he would hold a separate service for the children. Armstrong's relatives were angry with the decision.

Mourners arriving for Monday's service were checked against a list before they were allowed inside.

Green said she was not on the list, but she managed to get in.

"You're not going to keep me from going in and seeing my family," she said.

Green said La'Shaun did not attend the service for his three siblings, Landen Pierre, 5; Lance Pierre, 2; and Lainaina Pierre, who would have turned 1 year old last week.

"It was too much for him," she said.

The mourners were divided into factions inside the funeral home, Green said.

"You could cut the tension with a knife," she said.

She said Laianna was wearing a white dress "like an Easter dress" and the boys were wearing dark suits.

The three small caskets were loaded into a waiting hearse after the service.

La'Shaun told the woman who found him after he freed himself from the minivan that Armstrong was distraught over Pierre's cheating.

Green said Pierre was "carrying on" during his children's funeral.

She added, "You have to do for your children before they die."  source
Media whore, Donald Trump, continues to make headlines with his outlandish statements.  His latest headline making statement is the fact that President Obama didn't qualify to attend and Ivy League school.  Yeah, you read that correctly.  Listen, I would be very surprised if Donald actually ran for President for the simple fact he would have to fill out the financial disclosure forms which would then let everyone know how much he is really or not really worth.  There has been so much secrecy surrounding Trump's wealth that I doubt he would want to divulge that information in order to run for the presidency.  I think he's doing all this for ratings and so far it's working.
NEW YORK (AP) — Real estate mogul Donald Trump suggested in an interview Monday that President Barack Obama had been a poor student who did not deserve to be admitted to the Ivy League universities he attended. Trump, who is mulling a bid for the Republican presidential nomination, offered no proof for his claim but said he would continue to press the matter as he has the legitimacy of the president's birth certificate.

"I heard he was a terrible student, terrible. How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard?" Trump said in an interview with The Associated Press. "I'm thinking about it, I'm certainly looking into it. Let him show his records."

Obama graduated from Columbia University in New York in 1983 with a degree in political science after transferring from Occidental College in California. He went on to Harvard Law School, where he graduated magna cum laude 1991 and was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review.

Obama's 2008 campaign did not release his college transcripts, and in his best-selling memoir, "Dreams From My Father," Obama indicated he hadn't always been an academic star. Trump told the AP that Obama's refusal to release his college grades were part of a pattern of concealing information about himself.

"I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can't get into Harvard," Trump said. "We don't know a thing about this guy. There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about our president."

Katie Hogan, a spokeswoman for Obama's re-election campaign, declined to comment.

Trump, a wealthy businessman and reality TV host, has risen to the top of many polls in part by his outspoken call for Obama to release his long form birth certificate. The state of Hawaii has released a certificate of live birth indicating Obama was born there on August 4, 1961, but that has not quelled critics who believe Obama was born outside the United States and is therefore not qualified to be president.

The so-called "birther" controversy has dominated the early stage of the 2012 GOP nominating contest, with Trump leading the charge.

"I have more people that are excited about the fact that I reinvigorated this whole issue," Trump said, adding "the last guy (Obama) wants to run against is Donald Trump."

Trump is scheduled to travel to the early primary states of New Hampshire and Nevada this week and said he will make a final decision about a presidential bid by June.

Also in the AP interview, Trump:

— Said Republicans had made a mistake by embracing a budget proposal crafted by Wisconsin GOP Rep. Paul Ryan that included deep cuts in Medicare. "The seniors are afraid. The plan Paul Ryan put forth has made the Democrats so happy," Trump said.

— Declined to disclose his net worth, saying he'll do so if he decides to run. "You'll see what it is, possibly, very likely, in the next 4 weeks. I don't want to say because I don't want to ruin the press conference," he said.

— Expressed surprise that the 2008 GOP nominee, John McCain, had suggested Trump's effort was a publicity stunt. "I congratulate him for getting the attention he's getting," McCain told NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday.

Trump said he had been a big supporter of McCain. "I would find it hard to believe he would say anything bad because I raised a fantastic amount of money for him," Trump said.
Moments after ripping Spike Lee during a press conference for "Madea's Big Happy Family," Tyler Perry was asked if he at least had a conversation with the filmmaker to discuss their issues.

"You know what's unfortunate about that is what I wish he had done was come to me," said Perry.  "If he had an issue with what I was doing call me.  Man to man let's have a conversation.  Don't go public talking to people so that every time I'm asked a question, I'm asked 'Spike Lee said.'  Every time somebody asks me anything about what I do 'Spike Lee said'. You know it's getting pretty annoying to me.

"So, no I haven't had a conversation with him.  I only called him once to congratulate him on 'Inside Man' when it opened and tell him what a huge fan I was of his." source

Now doesn't that sound reasonable.  I think I would have preferred Spike speaking to Tyler in private and telling him what his grievances were with his films instead of blasting the brother in the media.  You never know, Tyler may have been more receptive to Spike's criticism had they been done in a constructive way.  Either way, I hope these brothers put this petty stuff behind them and work to make movie magic together.  Can you imagine what kind of films they could produce together? 

Apr 25, 2011

Tosheba Alford (l.) and her boyfriend Kendall Major (r.) are charged with killing a 61-year-old.
We always wonder why people will witness an act of violence and not intervene.  Now we have our answer.  People are not trying to get killed for helping somebody they don't even know.  It's not right but it is the truth.  Take what happened to 61 year old Quintin Guerrero.  All he was trying to do was what people have been preaching about lately and that is that we all need to help each other.  So that is exactly what he did on that faithful night when he tried to comfort Tosheba Alford after her boyfriend, Kendall Major, beat the holy hell out of her.  That selfless act on his part end up costing him his life.

Quintin Guerrero, 61, was killed when he rushed to aid one of his accused attackers, Tosheba Alford, 20, after she jumped out of a moving cab in front of his Bronx house to escape a beating from her boyfriend, Alford's mother, Queen Smith, said.

Alford told cops she never raised a hand to man who tried to help her, insisting she attempted to stop her boyfriend, Kendall Major, 35, from killing Guerrero.

"He [Major] started punching and kicking the man. I tried to pull Kendall off," Alford told detectives, according to a prosecutor.

Witnesses, including the cabbie who drove the pair to the Bronx, claimed Alford was as responsible as Major for the 1:30 a.m. Saturday beatdown in Mott Haven.

"It was very horrifying to see," said livery cab driver Angel Ruiz, 47, who called 911 and helped cops track down the pair.

Major and Alford were arraigned Sunday in Bronx Supreme Court on second-degree murder charges.

They were ordered held without bail, pending an April 28 grand jury hearing.

The couple, who had spent the evening drinking heavily, were headed to Major's house in the Bronx when they started fighting in the back of Ruiz's livery cab, Smith said.

She told reporters her daughter called her from the cab when Major started hitting her, accusing her of having an incestuous relationship with her brother.

Smith said her daughter jumped out of the moving cab, hurting her leg. She limped over and sat down on Guerrero's front stoop, prompting the victim to come out of his house and check on her.

As Guerrero was asking Alford if she was hurt, Major jumped out of the cab, pummeled Guerrero to the ground and kicked him repeatedly, Alford told her mother.

"She'd never put a foot on anyone," Smith said of her daughter.

Prosecutors scoffed at Major's statement that Guerrero hit him first and told him to "mind your own business." source

Julia Bennett, 33, was shot and killed on Wednesday in an incident still under investigation.
I have heard some bizarre stories in my day, but this is one definitely takes the cake.  A Florida man wants us to believe that his 2 year old son took his gun and shot and killed his mother.  Really?  You really expect me to believe that the 2 year old just happened to get his hands on a 9mm seimautomatic that the father just happened to leave lying around when he came to visit.  Child Please!  Now, I'm not oblivious to the fact that accidents like this happen all the time, and even if it happened the way the father said it happened he is still negligible as far as I am concerned.
It appears that I am not the only person having a heard time believing this story because even the victim's family and neighbors are expressing doubt.

The child's great aunt, Marva Anglin, said the boy doesn't understand what happened and keeps asking for his mother. Bennett's relatives said they had never met the child's father, but told the judge they did not want him in their home for supervised visits with the child because they are afraid of him.

She and other family members do not believe the baby killed Bennett.

"We're not buying it," said Hugh Pearce, whose 33-year-old niece Julia Bennett was shot and killed about 7 p.m. on Wednesday at the Ashlar apartments off Pembroke Road near University Drive.

"We just don't think it happened that way," said Pearce. "But we want to see police finish their investigation."

Police did question the father for a long time before releasing him.

Bennett's loved ones spoke out for the first time Thursday night to CBS4′s Peter D'Oench.

"We really didn't expect this," said Pearce. "She was a medical technician who had such a future. Yesterday I saw her doing her wash and her clothing and not I hear about this on the news. This is terrible."

It happened inside apartment number 303. The boy's father called 911 about the incident claiming that the boy used his 9 millimeter, semi-automatic glock pistol. Neighbors say they saw police testing the boy's hands for gun residue but police would not say what they found.

Inside a West Miami-Dade store, one gun owner said he had serious questions about the claim that the two-year-old boy fired the gun.

"It's highly unlikely that this would have been possible because it requires five pounds of pressure to pull the trigger of a nine millimeter semi-automatic glock pistol like this one," said longtime gun owner Kevin Gleason. "Even if the gun was chambered and ready to fire, this would have been very difficult. I don't buy this story."

I'm going with the gun store owner on this one.  As the old folks use to say, "The Devil is a Liar, and the Truth ain't in him!"

Apr 23, 2011

MIAMI (AP)– Brandon Marshall's wife is accused of stabbing the Miami Dolphins wide receiver and has been arrested on a domestic violence charge, according to a sheriff's office report.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office report, obtained Saturday by The Associated Press, says Michi Nogami-Marshall stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife Friday evening. The report says she told officers she was defending herself.

Nogami-Marshall remained jailed Saturday on $7,500 bond. It was unclear if she had an attorney.

A statement from Brandon Marshall's agent, Kennard McGuire, said Marshall will make a full recovery.

The NFL lockout restricts team contact with players. However, Dolphins officials say they were told by the league their team doctor is allowed to see Marshall and consult with Marshall's other doctors.

I don't advocate for violence, but in this situation I must say I believe the wife. Anyone not familiar with Brandon Marshall's violent past I would suggest you watch the video below which features the segment ESPN's Outside the Lines did detailing Brandon's violent outburst against women particularly his high school sweetheart, Rasheedah Watley from Ga. Again, I'm am not an advocate for violence, but anyone following this story should have known something like this was bound to happen and shouldn't be surprised. I am not surprised at all.

Apr 22, 2011

The Mighty 'O' took to her Youtube channel to explain why she can't play 'Captain Save a Soap' for 'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live.' To make a long story short, she basically say there is no money to be made in moving the shows to OWN. Trust me, if there was money to be made ABC would not have canceled them. It's sad the shows had to be canceled, but it is what it is.
Dnc Minority Contracting

Party insiders say the Democratic National Committee awards few contracts to companies controlled by racial minority groups, despite repeated pledges to increase business to such firms.

Instead, Democratic leaders claim progress by leaning on a broader definition of "minority contractors" that includes white women, the disabled and the gay community, according to internal memos and emails obtained by The Huffington Post and corroborated by those insiders.

The apparent dearth of contracts has fueled frustration and criticism, mostly from African American Democratic loyalists who accuse the party of failing to use its institutional finances to advance the cause of fair racial representation in the lucrative business of politics.

"There is no more loyal group of voters to the DNC than black people, and yet they have done nothing to ensure that that constituency is able to participate fully in the economic benefits of party business," said a DNC member who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

DNC leaders say while they take such concerns seriously, having launched a broad review of the committee's hiring practices, they have been and remain committed to diversity, as does the broader party.

"I appreciate that some folks may think the party has some serious challenges in this regard," said Patrick Gaspard, who was recently appointed the executive director of the DNC, "and one can, in all these kinds of instances, work hard to be more inclusive to make absolute certain and to make sure that the Democratic Party has as big a tent as possible.

"At the same time," he continued, "I say clearly, loudly and vociferously that there's a commitment that is ongoing. That commitment did not just begin today."





Apr 21, 2011

Via Washington Post:

The search for missing honors student Phylicia Barnes came to a heartbreaking end Thursday, after an autopsy determined that a body pulled from the Susquehanna River Wednesday was that of the North Carolina teen who vanished from Baltimore in December.

Two law enforcement sources said the autopsy determined that the body was Barnes’s; state police later confirmed the finding.

An apparent tattoo on the body, which was found in the waterway that splits Harford and Cecil counties about 40 miles northeast of Baltimore, looked to match a tattoo of a rose that Barnes, 17, had on her lower right leg.

Barnes disappeared on Dec. 28 from her half-sister’s northwest Baltimore apartment, touching off the Baltimore Police Department’s most extensive and elusive missing-person search in years. With the discovery of her body in state waters, state police will now assume control of the investigation.

Messages of condolence were flowing in by the hundreds to a Facebook page called “Pray for Phylicia Barnes,” which had nearly 23,000 followers.

Baltimore police have repeatedly gone on national television, encouraged family members to speak publicly and sought help from law enforcement agencies across the country. They put up billboards, searched a streambed and drained a well behind an apartment associated with someone who knew the missing girl.

Authorities have not ruled out that Barnes was the victim of a random abduction. Detectives have been perplexed by a lack of physical evidence, with no one coming forward with a credible tip or sighting.

Barnes, who lived with her mother in North Carolina, was visiting her half-sister Deena Barnes in Baltimore for Christmas. The track star and honors student had planned to graduate early from high school and attend Towson University.

Police said they found nothing in her background to indicate that she would run away or become a victim of a domestic dispute. They said she had no psychological or legal troubles.

“She was doing what any young person would do, visiting her family, and she vanished from the face of the earth,” Detective Daniel T. Nicholson IV, the lead homicide investigator on the case, said in February.

Lord, these people refuse to acknowledge the fact that the North won.

Via AJC:

While the Dixie battle cross, first added to Georgia's flag in 1956 by an all-white Legislature resisting integration, was removed from the state flag in 2003, it has continued to fly at the Dodge County courthouse in Eastman as part of a memorial to Confederate war dead. Eastman is located roughly 50 miles southeast of Macon.

The local NAACP claims the flag was to fly only once a year. It has remained despite complaints from the civil rights group, which is prepared to mount a legal challenge to have the flag taken down.

"It's a symbol of racism and hatred," said John Battle, president of the Dodge County NAACP. After trying for years to resolve the matter and getting nowhere, the NAACP retained an attorney who sent a letter last week to the board of commissioners asking them to stand by the original resolution, passed in 2002, allowing the annual display.

On Monday, the board met in a closed session and decided, in a vote taken at their public meeting afterward, to keep the flag up 365 days a year.

Commissioner William Howell, Jr., who cast one of three votes in favor of displaying the flag, said the commission's hands were tied.

"We're probably going to be involved in a lawsuit either way," Howell told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "The Sons of Confederate Veterans is going to sue us if we take it down and the NAACP will sue us if we leave it up."

Howell cited a state law that he said prohibits the commissioners from removing appropriate items from publicly owned memorials.

"It's as much a part of our history as Martin Luther King," said Howell, adding there's been little objection from the residents of Dodge County, about 30 percent of whom are black, according to U.S. census figures. "You've got two or three people raising a ruckus." Only one of the board's four commissioners voted to remove the Stars and Bars from courthouse grounds.

Battle said it's not just African-Americans who oppose its display.

"When people come into town, what are they going to think?" he said. "They're going to think these people down here are still racists. It's another black eye for Dodge County."

The fact that the commissioner compared the Confederate flag to MLK says all you need to know about these people's mindset. Look, I'm a proud Georgian and trust me things like this don't surprise me at all. But let's be clear, I've seen just as many confederate flags here in Western Pennsylvania as I've ever seen back at home. Yankees have just as much fascination with the Antebellum South as some southerners. Don't let that northern accents fool you.
Remember when I posted the article about Hall of Famer Warren Moon saying that the bias against Cam Newton was racist? Well, in that same article I also said that it would only be a matter of time before the media was parading another 'negro athlete' out who was willing to dispute Warren.  Well, that moment has come.  None other than Mr. Football himself, Jerry Rice has come out to dispute Moon's claims.  Yep, you read that correctly.  Hall of Famer Jerry Rice said, in speaking with ESPN, "I think the NFL is so much further now," he said. "I don't think race is a factor."
He also went on to say that he felt that the criticism is more about Newton's skills than anything else. 

"It's going to boil down to accuracy," Rice said. "He's going to have to be able to drop back, plant himself and deliver that football. During his workouts the ball was a little high, all over the place."



Via NY Daily News:

A last-minute funeral feud blocked Lashanda Armstrong from spending eternity alongside her three kids, leaving the late mom's family seething at the children's cheating dad.

Jean Pierre, father of the three youngsters drowned last week in the Hudson River, broke a week-long silence on Wednesday to announce separate funerals and burials for the mother and kids.

His devastating decision came barely 24 hours before the Armstrong family had planned a single funeral for Lashanda, 25, and the children. The four were set for side-by-side burial.

"I am very angry," fumed Angela Gilliam, the dead woman's aunt. "This jackass just came in here and messed everything up. She should be buried with her children, regardless of what she did."

Instead, 5-year-old Landon, 2-year-old Lance and 11-month-old Lainaina will be buried Monday in a Congers, N.Y., cemetery. Lashanda Armstrong's burial is set for today at the Brick Church Cemetery in New Hempstead.

Pierre, 26, has no plans to attend his high school sweetheart's funeral. Gilliam promised her side of the family would turn out for Monday's farewell to the kids.

"I won't say anything to him," Gilliam said. "It's not about him. It's about my niece and two nephews, not about him. I think I'm better than that. I know I'm better than that."

Pierre, through a lawyer, released a terse four-paragraph statement defending himself in the April 12 tragedy.

Jean Pierre with his wife Lashanda Armstrong, who drove their children into the Hudson.

The womanizing dad of three children drowned by their mother in the Hudson River insisted Wednesday that he's not responsible for the horrific drownings.

"I have been inaccurately portrayed as being directly responsible for the tragedy," read a terse four-paragraph statement issued by Jean Pierre.

"If I could, I would have changed some things in my past," he continued. "(I) am shocked and distraught by what happened. This has been a very devastating tragedy for all concerned."

Pierre, who neighbors described as cursing and pounding on the door of his family's Newburgh apartment before the tragedy, said he was sent reeling by word of the April 12 deaths.

The 26-year-old Pierre, breaking a weeklong silence, also announced the funeral for the three children would be held separately from Thursday's service for their mom, Lashanda Armstrong.

"My deepest sympathy goes out to (stepson) Lashaun and the Armstrong family," Pierre said. "I ask that I be given the opportunity to grieve the loss of my three children privately."

The children's private family funeral service is set for Monday, with burial to follow in Congers, N.Y.

Armstrong, 25, loaded her four kids into the van and drove six blocks to the river just minutes after Pierre left. She and the three youngest - 5-year-old Landon, 2-year-old Lance, and 11-month-old Lainaina - all perished.

Only 10-year-old LaShaun Armstrong survived by slipping out a power window in the sinking minivan and swimming back to shore.

"I loved Landon, Lance, Lainaina, Lashanda and still love Lashaun will all my heart," Pierre said.

Pierre was arrested in February after leaving his 2-year-old son unattended, with neighbors finding the half-naked child wandering in the snow.

Members of the Armstrong family gathered Wednesday along the banks of the Hudson River to celebrate what would have been Lainaina's first birthday.

On Thursday, the family will gather again in Spring Valley at a funeral for Lashanda.

lashanda armstrong with kids
Frank Schaeffer

After reading this commentary, I had to look myself in the mirror. There is nothing better than reading an article that gives you an 'A-Ha Moment' and Mr. Schaeffer did exactly that with this article.

If you think that president Obama played the Republicans in the last lame duck congress like a violin just wait until after 2012 when the rotten Tea Party will be about as relevant as 1930s hate monger radio priest: Charles Coughlin (the "father" of hate radio), is today.

President Obama has met the vile far right (and religious right lynch mob) and also met the disappointment of the shrill impatient left with a calm smile and good humor. He's even reached out to what remains of the Republican Party languishing hock deep in the quagmire of their own frightened and wholly imagined paranoid "victim" status. President Obama has also played chicken with each new crisis and -- invariably -- pulled last moment hair raising victory from what critics said would be defeat...

Before he'd served a year president Obama lost the support of the easily distracted (bitter?) left of the Left and also became the target for the white hot rage of the hate-filled right of the Right. But some of us, from all walks of life and ideological backgrounds are sticking with our president.

I happen to be a white fifty-eight-year-old former Republican. In my new book I explain why I left (fled!) the right and religious right movement my family helped found Sex, Mom and God: How the Bible's Strange Take on Sex Led to Crazy Politics--and How I Learned to Love Women (and Jesus) Anyway. (In this book I deconstruct evangelical "thinking" about politics and the Bible in a way that I hope entertainingly exposes the religion-created sexual dysfunction that has been the only actual motivating factor for the so called culture wars.)

How about this: Given the racist state of American politics and the lack of steadfast lefty support not to mention morale-destroying lefty jilted lover carping (and the critique-for-profit members of the left who now define themselves by opposition to president Obama and thus have their egos tied to presidential "failure"), and the hate-filled mythology of the right, president Obama has done incredibly well to get anything done at all.

Maybe there are some on the left who (besides selling anti-Obama screeds) suffer from some sort of psychological problem of denial and are unable to deal with the reality of what America has become and actually is: A place where progressive ideas are routinely crushed beneath the weight of the corporate state and entrenched bigotry. But THAT reality is where president Obama must function.

And he has to bide his time. President Obama did not sell America to the cooperate oligarchy that has destroyed our democracy-- the Republicans did, the lobbyists did and above all the Supreme Court did. President Obama didn't bust the unions-- Reagan did. President Obama didn't declare war on women and minorities and immigration rights, gay rights and working men and women-- the Republicans and religious right did. President Obama did not create the permanent war economy of imperial gun-toting undereducated and over-armed America-- the Republicans did with the backing of American evangelicals (not to mention the neoconservative Israel lobby) who believe in God-ordained American "exceptionalism."

Trying to change any or all of this will take time. It will not be achieved by one man. And our best shot at changing anything at all is to be realistic about what one president can do.

The President's critics left and right all had one thing in common: impatience laced with little-to-no sense of history.


SAN FRANCISCO — Easing into his 2012 campaign, President Barack Obama is telling his supporters he understands their frustration over the compromises he's made with Republicans, while preparing them for more to come.

It's a timely warning given the upcoming vote on raising the debt ceiling and the ongoing debate over long-term deficit reduction, both issues Obama says can only be solved if Republicans and Democrats work together. But further compromises could prove a tough pill to swallow for many of Obama's liberal backers, who have grown tired of watching the president cede ground to the GOP on spending cuts and tax breaks for the wealthy.

During a raucous fundraiser focused on young people in San Francisco Wednesday night, Obama said his supporters are not alone in their frustration.

"There are times when I've felt the same way you do. It's a big, complicated, messy democracy," he said. "We knew this wouldn't be easy."

I love President Obama, God knows I do, but I don't think he really understands why his supporters are frustrated.  We are not frustrated because of the compromising.  We're frustrated by the things the Democratic Party is willing to compromise on.  When you compromise on your core values and principles that's when you're going to piss off your supporters.  We're frustrated by how weak the Democratic Party comes across.  The tax breaks for the wealthy and the use of the District of Columbia as a political pawn were just the straws that broke the camel's back.  This image of weakness has long been a problem plaguing the Democratic Party.  There is nothing worse than the perception of weakness.
We are frustrated with the fact that our party leaders don't seem to know the first thing about the art of negotiating.  They always seem to start negotiations three fourths to the side of the GOP.  That in itself is a recipe for disaster.
The Democrats are always willing to compromise and for some things that is to be applauded.  They come across as the adults in the situation more often than not, but there does come a time in politics when one has to be willing to get in the mud and fight it out.  The Democrats never seemed to be willing to do that; whereas, the Republicans have mastered this art form.  The people may say they want a more civilized government, but the truth of the matter is it is the uncivilized behavior that they seemed to respond to the most.  I'm not saying the Democrats need to become like the Republicans, but they need to at least show their supporters they are willing to fight for those things they 'say' they believe in and maybe we wouldn't be so frustrated.
Jesse Jackson needs to change his name to the Teflon Don.  This man knows that there is no better way to make black folks forget about pending sexual harrassment charges than to go out and lead a rally for disenfranchised people.  This brother is brilliant.  I mean I love Brother Jesse, but are you going to seriously tell me he would be leading this rally if he wasn't being sued by a former employee.  Just label me cynical because I can promise you something in the milk ain't right.  I'm happy 'The Rev.' is shining a national spotlight on the the developments in Benton Harbor but the timing of the whole thing is a little suspect (no pun intended) to me. 


The emergency takeover of the government of Benton Harbor, Michigan, like the suspension of collective bargaining rights for employees in Wisconsin, are all part of a greater scheme to reverse years of civil and states rights law, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said Wednesday.

Jackson, who will lead a rally at the state Capitol in Lansing at 11 a.m. Thursday with the Michigan Black Legislative Caucus, said it was time to organize residents to take back their government through mass demonstrations and legal action.

Last month, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed a new law expanding the powers of emergency managers appointed by the Treasury Department to take over distressed schools and communities.

The first town affected by the law was Benton Harbor, a predominantly black city in southwest Michigan. On Friday, Joseph Harris, the state-appointed emergency financial manager, suspended the decision-making powers of Benton Harbor officials.

According to The Detroit News, the order limits Benton Harbor officials to calling meetings to order, adjourning them and approving minutes of meetings.

Michigan AFL-CIO President Mark Gaffney called the move "sad news for democracy in Michigan."

Jackson told BlackAmericaWeb.com that the law likely would be used for a broader mission, which would target collective bargaining rights for public employees, dilute voter strength – particularly for black Americans and other people of color – and limit states' rights.

"It's not just Benton Harbor. (Snyder has) approved 40 other emergency mandatory measures so it's like a takeover of government that denies their workers' rights. It's replacing democracy with a czar in the name of fiscal emergency," Jackson said.

Benton Harbor has long been an economically depressed community, where the median income hovers around $10,000 a year, compared to its more affluent neighbor St. Joseph, a mostly white community with a median income average of $33,000.

Apr 20, 2011

I was sitting at home when I had the most random thought, 'Where in the world is Ananda Lewis?' Don't ask me where that thought came from. It's not like I was watching an old episode of Teen Summit or something. It was seriously just a random thought.

I mean seriously, I can't be the only person who misses this sista. Before Free, LaLa Vasquez, the girl hosting 106th and Park now (I seriously can't think of her name right now), Ananda Lewis was the woman holding down the Veejay landscape. She was the sista from Howard University that was holding it down on BET during the time when it was actually safe for your self esteem to watch the channel. She was the beautiful intelligent female that all the brothers wanted and all the sistas wanted as one of their girlfriends. Ananda was seriously that chick that always represented us well and man do I miss her.

Ananda served as the host of BET's 'Teen Summit' for three years before moving to MTV. She left MTV in 2001 in order to start her own talk show, 'The Ananda Lewis Show'. I must say I had high hopes for her talk show, but unfortunately it only lasted one season.

So, can someone please tell me what's up with Ananda Lewis and why we don't see her on TV anymore? Her presence is sorely missed.

Y'all have gotten on Tyler Perry's last good nerve with all this hateration...LOL!!! After being Fed up with the constant criticism he's received over the years especially at the hands of acclaimed director Spike Lee, Perry finally decided to lash out. It was only a matter of time. I'm actually happy to see him defending himself; although, I already know people are going to have something to say about the way in which he defended himself. Hey, you can only push a person so far before they decided to fight back. I respect both Spike Lee and Tyler Perry. I wish, instead of tearing each other down, that they could actually work together. But I guess that's just wishful thinking because I really don't know where you go after you tell a person to go 'Straight to hell.'

Tyler Perry, director, writer and star of Madea's Big Happy Family and all of the films in the popular Madea series, offered some harsh words to his critics in the entertainment industry, in particular filmmaker Spike Lee. "I'm so sick of hearing about damn Spike Lee," Perry said during a press conference Tuesday in Beverly Hills, Calif. "Spike can go straight to hell! You can print that. I am sick of him talking about me, I am sick of him saying, 'this is a coon, this is a buffoon.' I am sick of him talking about black people going to see movies. This is what he said: 'you vote by what you see,' as if black people don't know what they want to see."

"I am sick of him - he talked about Whoopi, he talked about Oprah, he talked about me, he talked about Clint Eastwood. Spike needs to shut the hell up!"

Perry's latest film Madea's Big Happy Family opens Friday in theaters nationwide. The filmmaker is one of the most successful in Hollywood, thanks to a string of hits that engaged African-American and churchgoing audiences like few others have been able to. Discussing an email he sent out recently to fans via his website, Perry said that he tries not to dwell on negativity, but sometimes gets frustrated about the criticism he receives from within his own community. "I was writing about just people and how hard people work to discourage people from seeing my work," he said. "I don't even understand it [but] this is where the whole Spike Lee [comment] comes from - the negativity, this is Stepin Fetchit, this is coonery, this is buffoonery, and they try to get people to get on this bandwagon with them, to get this mob mentality to come against what I'm doing."

The filmmaker admitted he can't understand why so much of the criticism of his films comes from his fellow African-Americans, when he doesn't see similar criticisms of other groups coming from their communities. "I've never seen Jewish people attack Seinfeld and say "this is a stereotype," I've never seen Italian people attack The Sopranos, I've never seen Jewish people complaining about Mrs. Doubtfire or Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie. I never saw it. It's always black people, and this is something that I cannot undo. Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois went through the exact same thing; Langston Hughes said that Zora Neale Hurston, the woman who wrote Their Eyes Were Watching God, was a new version of the 'darkie' because she spoke in a southern dialect and a Southern tone. And I'm sick of it from us; we don't have to worry about anybody else trying to destroy us and take shots because we do it to ourselves."

Perry also said that he feels like many of the criticisms that his work doesn't reach other audiences or ethnic groups is simply unfounded. "So me being frustrated with it, and then they go on to say that people of other ethnic groups or white people don't go see my movies, and that's all a lie. I'm standing on stage looking at thousands of people, thousands of faces, with every race represented, and I'm tired of it. I'm tired of just laying down, tired of just being nice and letting them say whatever they want to say however they want to say it without people knowing what the intent really is."

Now, I will disagree with him on the fact that Italians never complained about 'The Sopranos' because they did just like they complained about 'The Jersey Shore'. It's not so easy to compare us (African Americans) to other groups in this country because historically no other group has received the type of treatment that we have in this country. Jewish groups don't complain about Seinfeld because they have enough positive images on television that they don't have to complain about what he does or does not do. African Americans on the other hand do not have that type of luxury when it comes to representation in the media and that is why we are so sensitive when it comes to our image.

We have to be sensitive to the ways in which we are portrayed because historically we all know what happens when we stop playing attention.
WASHINGTON (AP) — Air traffic controllers directed a plane carrying first lady Michelle Obama to abort a landing at Andrews Air Force Base because it was too close to a military cargo jet, officials said Tuesday, in yet another embarrassment for the Federal Aviation Administration.

While there apparently was little risk to Mrs. Obama, the episode puts the FAA back into the spotlight as officials struggle to calm public jitters about flying that have been raised by nine suspensions of air traffic controllers and supervisors around the country in recent weeks, including five for sleeping on the job.

The first disclosed case of a controller falling asleep on duty occurred March 23 at Washington's Reagan National airport, not far from Andrews. The most recent was this week when a controller at a regional radar facility near Cleveland was suspended for watching a movie on a DVD player when he was supposed to be monitoring air traffic. The head of the U.S. air traffic system resigned last week.

This latest incident occurred at about 5 p.m. on Monday when a Boeing 737 belonging to the Air National Guard, one of several guard planes used by the White House, came within about three miles of a massive C-17 as the planes were approaching Andrews to land, according to the FAA and Maj. Michelle Lai, a spokeswoman for Andrews.

The FAA requires a minimum separation of five miles between two planes when the plane in the lead is as large as the 200-ton cargo jet, in order to avoid dangerous wake turbulence that can severely affect the trailing aircraft.

The FAA is investigating the incident as a possible error by controllers at a regional radar facility in Warrenton, Va., that handles approaches and departures for several airports, including Andrews, where the president's aircraft, Air Force One, is maintained.

The C-17 and Mrs. Obama's plane didn't have the proper separation when controllers in Warrenton handed them off to the Andrews controllers, a source familiar with the incident said.

Andrews air traffic controllers initially ordered Mrs. Obama's plane to conduct a series of turns to bring it farther from the military jet. When that didn't provide enough distance, controllers realized that there might not be enough time for the cargo plane to clear the Andrews runway before Mrs. Obama's plane landed.

Controllers then directed the pilot of Mrs. Obama's plane to execute a "go-around" — to stop descending and start climbing — and circle the airport, located in a Maryland suburb of Washington. A go-around is considered a type of aborted landing.

"The aircraft were never in any danger," the FAA said in a statement.

Aviation safety expert John Cox agreed that an accident was unlikely.

"Every professional pilot I have ever known has been in a situation where they were overtaking the plane in front of them and asked to do an S-turn," said Cox, a former airline pilot. "The only issue that could have come up was if they'd encountered the wake of the C-17."

Even then, Cox said, the 737 is a "very controllable" plane. "I don't think Mrs. Obama's plane would have been in any jeopardy."

Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, also was on the plane with Mrs. Obama. The first lady and Mrs. Biden had been in New York earlier in the day for a joint TV interview.

The first lady's office declined to comment and referred all questions to officials at the FAA and Andrews. The president's West Wing press office did likewise.

Apr 19, 2011

Via AJC:

Clark Atlanta intern who allegedly pilfered $10,000 in cash from a bag inside Steve Harvey's Piedmont Road office told the comedian he'd return the money despite insisting he didn't steal it.

As of last week, when Atlanta police filed an incident report, 22-year-old Kyle Reynolds had not made good on his word.

According to the report, a security video showed Reynolds entering Harvey's office earlier this month.

Reynolds, who was not authorized to be in the office, told one of Harvey's associates he just wanted to get a Coke but the video shows him leaving the room without a soft drink in hand. The missing cash had been delivered just prior to the theft by a bank employee, the report states.

Questioned by his supervisor and Harvey, the intern claimed innocence. He later sent the supervisor a text message stating, "I am gonna get him the money just so I can end this," according to police.

Calls to Harvey's management seeking comment have not been returned. Clark Atlanta was notified of the incident but school officials told police Reynolds has not returned to campus since being questioned and is currently residing in New York.
Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man
Man, I have so many mixed feelings about this one.  While I have a personal disdain for this book, I am a fan of fellow FAMUAN and Rainforest Productions founder Will Packer.  I seriously don't want to promote anything related to this book, but I'm all for black people working and especially for people getting a chance to live out their dreams.  So with that being said, I am going to give out the information about the contest for a walk-on role in the movie version for 'Act Like aLady, Think Like a Man'.  Because no matter how I feel about this, I do realize that this could be a really big deal in someone's life and maybe it can give someone a break that she/he so desperately deserves.


We're searching for someone to play an age between 18 and 50 for both a male role and a female role.

When submitting your audition, please choose whether you will be auditioning for the male role or the female role.  If you choose to audition for the male role, please use the script side provided for the male role.  If you choose to audition for the female role, please use the script side provided for the female role.  Audition materials consist of: one (1) audition video containing person auditioning for the role reading only one of the provided script sides (video should be no longer than 2 minutes), one (1) headshot photo no more than 100K in file size, and a brief description of credit highlights (if any).

Jan Brewer Veto Birther Bill Guns On Campus Bill
Okay Mississippi, looks like Arizona is giving you a reprieve for real this time.  Arizona was on the verge of whooping Mississippi for 'The Most Racist State' title (you know similar to how the Heat beat the 76er's last night), but Governor Jan Brewer (I can't believe I'm about to say this) stepped in and actual restored what appears to be some modicum of sanity to the great Republic of Arizona.  Let's see how long this last.

PHOENIX – Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Monday vetoed a bill that would have required President Barack Obama and other presidential candidates to prove their U.S. citizenship before their names could appear on the state's ballot.

The bill would have made Arizona the first state to pass such a requirement. Opponents had warned the bill would give another black eye to Arizona after last year's controversy over the state's illegal immigration enforcement law.

Brewer said in her veto letter that she was troubled that the bill empowered Arizona's secretary of state to judge the qualifications of all candidates when they file to run for office.

"I do not support designating one person as the gatekeeper to the ballot for a candidate, which could lead to arbitrary or politically motivated decisions," said Brewer, who was secretary of state until she became governor in 2009.

"In addition, I never imagined being presented with a bill that could require candidates for president of the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth to submit their 'early baptismal circumcision certificates' among other records to the Arizona secretary of state," she said. "This is a bridge too far."

The measure would have required that political parties and presidential candidates hand in affidavits stating a candidate's citizenship and age. It also would have required the candidate's birth certificate and a sworn statement saying where the candidate has lived for 14 years.

If candidates didn't have a copy of their birth certificates, they could meet the requirement by providing baptismal or circumcision certificates, hospital birth records and other documents.

If it couldn't be determined whether candidates who provided documents in place of their birth certificates were eligible to appear on the ballot, the secretary of state would have been able to set up a committee to help determine whether the requirements were met. The names of candidates could be kept off the ballot if the secretary of state didn't believe the candidates met the citizenship requirement.

The bill didn't explicitly provide an appeals process for a candidate whose name was kept off the ballot.

The bill's sponsor, Republican Rep. Carl Seel of Phoenix, said he was disappointed by the veto. It would have been reasonable to have the secretary of state — the state's top election officer — decide whether a candidate had adequately documented his or her qualifications, he said.

Because the bill would have required candidates for all offices to submit documentation of their qualifications, he said, "it would have been excellent reform."

Seel had said previously the measure wasn't intended as a swipe against the president and would have helped maintain the integrity of elections.


Post image for Tea Party, <span class=
IRVINE, Calif. (AP) — A Southern California GOP official who sent out an e-mail picturing President Barack Obama's face on the body of a baby chimpanzee issued an apology late Monday after a weekend of criticism that ended with a strongly worded public rebuke from the local Republican Party chairman, who also called for an ethics investigation into the incident.

Marilyn Davenport, a 74-year-old Fullerton resident and elected member of the Orange County Republican Central Committee, sent an email Monday afternoon asking for forgiveness for her "unwise behavior," just before the GOP committee met for its monthly summit at a hotel in Irvine, where the fallout from the incident was the hot topic.

The email sent on Friday by Davenport to a small group of GOP committee members shows an image posed like a family portrait, of chimpanzee parents and child, with Obama's face superimposed on the young chimp. Text beneath the picture reads, "Now you know why no birth certificate."

"To my fellow Americans and to everyone else who has seen this email I forwarded and was offended by my action, I humbly apologize and ask for your forgiveness of my unwise behavior. I say unwise because at the time I received and forwarded the email, I didn't stop to think about the historic implications and other examples of how this could be offensive," Davenport's apology read.

"I am an imperfect Christian lady who tries her best to live a Christ-like honoring life. I would never do anything to intentionally harm or berate others regardless of ethnicity. Everyone who knows me knows that to be true."

Davenport, who was not present at the meeting, represents the 72nd Assembly District in Orange County on the committee, which is made up of volunteer officials elected for two-year terms. The group is tasked with fundraising, campaigning and debating policy for the Republican Party.

The county's GOP chairman, Scott Baugh, told about 75 GOP members that despite Davenport's "sincere apology," he still condemned her actions and believed she should resign because her presence on the committee would remain controversial and provide a distraction.

"The eyes of the nation are focused on us tonight because of the actions of a member of this committee. I do not know what was in the heart of Marilyn Davenport when she sent that email, only she does. I want to accept and do accept that Marilyn is not a racist," Baugh said.

"The email is without question extremely racist. Depicting African-Americans as monkey is a longtime, well-known and particularly offensive slur because it denies them their basic humanity."

The body's ethics committee would investigate the incident, interview Davenport and make a report back to the executive committee within a week, Baugh said.