Jan 27, 2012

A lot is being made about April Justin's, mother of football player Landon Collins, reaction to her son's selection of Alabama as his school of choice. As soon as her son made his choice, his mother shook her head and proceeded to tell ESPN that she disagreed with his choice because she felt the coach of Alabama, Nick Saban, disrespected her.

How did he disrespect her you ask. Well, she felt disrespected because she felt that Saban was very stereotypically when it came to the recruiting of her son. She was more interested in him discussing her son's academic future as well as how he would fit in on the campus, but yet when he (Saban) visited her home he only talked about the possibility of a future NFL career. Ms. Justin found such talk to be very stereotypical.

In the end, those concerns about the Alabama program didn't affect Landon Collins, who gave off the sense that he had been in awe of the program since taking in the Crimson Tide-Florida game in Tuscaloosa during his junior season. Sensing his son's inclination, Collins' father -- who has long been separated from April Justin -- continued to encourage him to go with his instincts. [source]

Now there are a lot of people on the internet who are criticizing April Justin for her behavior. Many people say she upstaged her son and she should just be happy that he's going to college. But as a mother, isn't she entitled to her opinion as to what school her son goes to? Did she go about it right? Probably not. But does she have a point when it comes to the recruitment of black players? Maybe so.

We always complain about the fact that no one is really taking an interest in academics when it comes these young athletic recruits. When a parent does show interest, she/he gets crucified. Is it because of the way she went about it, or is it the fact that she had the audacity to be vocal about her dissatisifaction?

Tell me what you think.


  1. When i saw this a couple of days ago, I remember being surprised at her public display of disgust. I really do not know if she was trying to upstage her son. Ideally, she should present a united front with her son, but let him know privately what she thinks about the situation. At the same time, I'm left to wonder how exactly Alabama behaved towards them. This whole thing could be indicative of the mother-son relationship. If she has to have her way, this could be his way of separating himself or perhaps rebelling.

    On a side note, I am not in favor of the sports media hyping up college selection for high school graduates. From a development and maturity standpoint, the students just don't need that type of attention. I also think it is simply another form of exploitation and free publicity for the institutions and ratings for the networks. Professional athletes like LeBron can have moments like these because they are paid and paid well.

    But to make a big event about his college choice could be more to his detriment, especially if his college playing career does not go as well as expected.

  2. First of all, it's HIS decision not hers. She was wrong. She displayed all of the stereotypical hoodrat qualities (check her hair and outfit) that probably led Saban to come at her like he did. In no way should she have acted like that. It was his forum to shine. She showed her immaturity in spades. It's obvious she had him at young age which plays a part in how she acted. These teen moms are often friends with there kids instead of being mohers. And where was this kid's dad in all of this. I know he was on stage but where was he in the rasing process. All in all, she acted a like a spoiled jealous hoodrat who was mad because her baby/homie was leaving her to start his life elsewhere.

  3. This mom is confused! She noted that she didnt like that Saban pitched a stereotypical NFL dream! Saban is really blunt and honest! I know this, because I witnessed an at home visit before from Saban!!! However, Justin claims to be worried about academics, but I believe she is not! Just because LSU going to start him as a freshman!!! That seems more focused on football than academics! Saban graduates majority of his football players!!! When a person goes to college it is not for the family it is for to better themselves as individual. Justin seems like she trying pressure Landon into taking care of the family instead of embracing what her child really wants. So what he is the #1 saftey in the country! That is the arrogance high school students carry to college and later realize there is always somebody better than you!!!! The rumor about Saban offering the girlfriend about a job; come on, DO YOU THINK SABAN is that STUPID!! He knows the mothers disagrees with Landon going to BAMA, and that she will do anything possible to jeopardizes the chances of him picking BAMA!!! Also, What kind of mother acts like that on national tv. She claims that landon move with his father was the best. I feel like maybe the mother stays in area that is not safe for Landon. That indicates that Landon should not play football in his home town its too risky. Landon will be easier target to get in trouble!! Why would the mother put Family goals that depend on a child! REALLY LADY?? She needs to revaluate herself!!